Where to Travel if You're Single this Valentine's Day

By Megan Millisky

Single this Valentine’s Day? Then make sure to treat yourself right! Invest in you by giving yourself the gift of travel. No need to wait around for someone to go with - just embark on your trip and make friends along the way! Here are some of the best places to whisk yourself away this year - and a few tips to navigate your solo adventure!

Paris, France

Paris is known for its romantic atmosphere!

Treat yourself to an incredible Valentine’s Day with a cabaret show for the ages. Then take a sightseeing stroll along the Seine River!

Start your evening right with a Tango class in Paris’ 5th arrondissement. It takes two to tango, but it’s okay if you show up solo. A guide will teach you this easy-to-learn dance, and soon you’ll be meeting new people and dancing the night away!

Tip: Invest in a disposable camera! They’re cheap and can be found in many American drug stores and electronics shops. You won’t have to worry about damaging an expensive camera, and you’ll have hard copies of your best pictures.

Venice, Italy

What could be more relaxing than floating through Italian canals in a gondola?

Board one of these grand boats and snap pictures of the incredible views. Next, visit the Venice Glass Museum! You can learn the fascinating history behind the famous Murano glass production.

After you’ve soaked up the beauty of the art form, head to La Fenice for an opera! It’s one of the oldest opera houses in the world and an incredible way to remember your trip.

Tip: It may be easier to get last-minute tickets when you’re traveling solo! If a show says it’s sold out, double-check at the box office. They may not have multiple seats available - but since you’re riding solo, they might be able to find you a seat.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen has a sweet Valentine’s tradition - friends and couples give each other bouquets of white flowers!

Buy yourself a white flower to wear in your hair, or a bouquet to make your hotel room smell amazing. You deserve it!

Next, take a walk to The Little Mermaid, an iconic statue and must-see. You can spend your night at a Valentine’s Day party in downtown Copenhagen. Do a round of speed dating, then dance the night away!

Tip: When you go out to eat, consider sitting at the bar! You can get food and drink recommendations from the bartender, chat with bar patrons, and eat at your leisure.

Berlin, Germany

Stroll through the streets of Germany this Valentine’s Day!

Watch a performance of “Romeo and Juliette” at Deutsche Opera Berlin. Then head to Planetarium am Insulaner to stargaze while you’re serenaded! Enjoy the sounds of gorgeous duets as you learn about the cosmos.

End your day with a 3-course meal on the Capt’n Schillow restaurant ship. The un-romantic dinner tells the tale of a thrilling crime novel!

Tip: Buy a selfie stick before you go! Ok, they look a little silly. But it’s safer than handing over your electronics to a stranger, and you’ll always get the perfect photo since you’re the photographer.

Athens, Greece

Pamper yourself in Athens, Greece!

Go to a marble mosaic workshop in the Voula neighborhood to discover ancient artistry. After you create a mosaic, attend an olive oil tasting! Enjoy a small-group atmosphere and enlightening lessons while you sample fresh food. End your day with a walk by the Colosseum.

Tip: Stay in touch! Let family and friends know your itinerary. Make sure to send texts or emails every day letting someone know where you’ll be and how to contact you.

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