7 Reasons Why You Should Travel This Summer

By Rachael Funk

Summer comes with a tantalizing feeling of possibility. School is out and everyone in the office is bursting to get outside to soak up some sunshine. Energy seems to crackle in the air and you have a decision to make: you can have an epic summer, or you can go ahead and get back to work. Quit saying “maybe next summer” and check out these very important reasons why you should make 2019 your summer of travel!

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1. We’re so over winter

It’s time to shed those comfy layers and get outside! Say ciao to the chill with a sojourn somewhere marvelous! What’s stopping you from a weekend on the Amalfi Coast, shaking up your routine with a few nights in Prague, or even a life-changing trip to Costa Rica? If you don’t go now, when?

2. Traveling strengthens your sense of independence

Boost your self-confidence or help prepare your kid for the coming school year in one easy step: take a trip! Do you want to become an amazing storyteller? Learn to think on your feet and trust your own instincts? Get a true sense of a global perspective and how you fit into a world filled with other humans all also yearning for human connections? We're telling you, man: travel.

3. Summer festivals are a blast

No matter what country you plan to visit, there’s a really good chance you’ll be able to catch a festival. Music, food, arts, beer, pride, dance, culture, even circus festivals await! From private-island summer parties in Croatia to Spain’s world-famous La Tomatina tomato fight, every country has something exciting going on in the summer!

4. River. Cruises.

Trust us when we tell you the Next Huge Thing in travel is river cruises! Fleets of river ships have taken to the water in Europe and are providing storybook sails through the waterways. River cruises are an amazing way to get an intimate new perspective on the destinations you love. Between excursions, you get to cut out the hassles of transportation, lodging, and worrying about finding every meal, then replace those worries with the joys of top shelf dining, scenery that is beyond breathtaking, and nightly entertainment.

5. Social media humblebragging

Yeah, that’s right! We all do it, and you know you want to, too. The sweetness of posting that perfectly innocuous selfie in the pure sunshine, casually reclined as if to say “oh, hello. I didn’t see you there” is practically a right of travel. Who’s that making friends with a llama in Machu Picchu? Whose hair is so attractively being tousled by a balmy Caribbean breeze on the Mexican coast? Who is sipping a frosty beer on a rooftop in Bali? It’s you, buddy, and none of your friends can stand it.

6. It’s a great way to cure job burnout

If you feel like you’re a little too locked into a routine, traveling is a great way to shake things up and re-energize! Take a week for yourself to rediscover the side of you that loves to meet new people, try new foods, and stay up way past bedtime. Don’t worry, this is why you have vacation days! You’ll thank yourself when you return home tanner, happier, and full of great stories.

7. Summer travel doesn’t have to be expensive

Not only do we have several summer travel deals on now, we have helpfully compiled these great lists of free things to do in some of our favorite travel destinations! Between museum days, city card discounts, hop on/hop off bus passes, and a little research, travel can be much kinder to your bank account than you may expect.

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