Why You Need to Take a Beach Vacation

By Soren Rivero

If you find yourself needing to escape from a hectic schedule, or want a relaxing getaway, here are a few reasons why you need to take a beach vacation!

Being in Nature Reduces Stress

It’s pretty well-known that being in nature helps combat stress and anxiety. This isn’t limited to simply visiting forests or parks though — beaches possess similar healing capabilities to their green counterparts. Stress gets really high when your life is all work and no play, which is why letting yourself relax on soft sand can help!

Plenty of Access to Exercise

Think of all the fun and amazing activities you can do at the beach, either by yourself or with company! There’s surfing, swimming, scuba diving, volleyball, or plain walking around – and you don’t have to run an entire marathon or tire your body to complete exhaustion. Simply walk around the sand for a few minutes or swim in the water. Of course, you don't have to exercise – it's perfectly fine to simply laze on the beach – but the opportunities are there for your advantage!

Social Distancing Made Easy

Dreaming of a nice vacation but scared of big crowds? Fortunately, there are still options for a relaxing vacation while also avoiding crowds! Beaches make for great spots to stay 6 feet away from people, which also means you can more safely relax without a mask.

Awaken Your Inner Explorer

Think of all the spectacular things you can find at the beach! Dozens of colorful seashells, pools of fish swimming around, maybe even a few friendly dolphins. Not to mention that beaches can be found all over the world, allowing you to explore all types of beaches!

Depending on where you're visiting, there can be even more adventure if the beach features coves or underwater caves. Many beaches also offer activities and excursions, like snorkeling and surfing. You may even get to scuba dive, which allows you to dive deep into the ocean’s depths and explore the underwater world with your own eyes. Talk about a sense of adventure!

Soak up that Vitamin D

Getting enough Vitamin D can easily become something that slips off of people's minds during their daily routine. Beaches are the perfect way to get those essential Vitamin D nutrients that your body needs, while also getting the relaxing sunny atmosphere that your mind deserves.

The Beach Regulates Your Sleep

For many of us, lack of sleep comes from being over-stressed about work or simply life.

Taking a trip to the beach can really help with sleep in unimaginable ways. Not only are you getting your daily dose of Vitamin D (which helps your sleep-wake cycle), but the ocean’s air can also encourage the uptake of oxygen. So go out and enjoy a nice day at the beach – you deserve it!

Sand — Mother Nature’s Exfoliant

Soaking your skin with sand helps exfoliate the body naturally, which is why some people take sand to use in their personal skin routine. So next time you’re in need of some extra skin care, take a trip to the beach!

Treat yourself to something truly wonderful by booking a beach getaway!


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