Walking in a Winter Wonderland: Snowy Landscapes of Your Favorite Cities

By Michelle Yastremsky

Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the after-effects are so delightful! Join us as we embark on a photo adventure through the frozen tundra to eleven of the world's most picturesque cities.

If you're feeling adventurous, head outside and take a stroll through these cities on your own; enjoy winter views of the most iconic buildings, as you feel that crunch of the freshly-fallen snow beneath your feet.

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Amsterdam, Netherlands

Warm up with: a stroopwafel served with coffee or tea.

The “Venice of the North” becomes a winter wonderland once the first blanket of snow comes to town. Take a stroll through this canal-laden city while sweetening the deal with a warm stroopwafel in hand.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Warm up with: gløgg.

There’s no better time to experience Copenhagen’s famous motto of hygge (cozy), so stop by this famous Scandinavian city, and have a mug of Gløgg, Danish mulled wine made with red wine, brandy, sherry, and mulled with cloves and cinnamon, while walking along the Nyhavn.

Vienna, Austria

Warm up with: buchteln.

Vienna, the city of music, makes all five senses sing when you’re devouring a donut injected with hot plum jam, also known as a buchteln.

Rome, Italy

Warm up with: cioccolata calda (hot chocolate).

Take a stroll through the city, taking in sights of the highlights covered in snow. The only way to enhance your experience? With a steamy mug of Italian-style hot chocolate, made with real dark chocolate and so thick and creamy that it almost resembles pudding – no instant packets here!

New York City, United States

Warm up with: apple cider.

Explore the snow-laden sights of the big apple with a small apple cider in hand – the perfect sip to keep you satisfied while enjoying the skyscrapers or while taking a stroll through Central Park.

Budapest, Hungary

Warm up with: forralt bor.

Hungary's version of mulled wine, made with raisins, is the perfect accompaniment for a day spent exploring the markets and architectural marvels of the city.

Prague, Czech Republic

Warm up with: baked tea.

This age-old cold-weather drink is made using only fruits and berries, boiled in water to extract the flavors, juices, and colors.

London, England

Warm up with: mince pies.

Tea may be the warm staple year-round, but come winter time you'll want to indulge in the flavors of England's famous mince pies; tradition states that the number of mince pies you eat in December before Christmas Day is equal to the number of lucky months you'll have in the following year.

Paris, France

Warm up with: Chocolat Chaud (hot melted chocolate).

Picture this: the Eiffel Tower, surrounded by winter's white blanket and a cup of decadent hot melted chocolate in hand - the perfect way to add a sweet note to your Paris vacation!

Reykjavik, Iceland

Warm up with: kúmenkaffi.

Europe's northernmost capital city becomes a scene straight out of a snow globe once winter comes to town. Explore with a cup of this caraway seed-infused coffee in hand. Who knows - you may even spot the Northern Lights dancing in the skies above!

Edinburgh, Scotland

Warm up with: hot toddy.

The hills dominating Scotland's capital city make for the perfect terrain for a winter landscape. Climb up to Edinburgh Castle, which sits atop an ancient volcano, for panoramic views of the city below, hot toddy in hand!

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