11 Cemeteries Worth Spending an Eternity In

By Michelle Yastremsky

From tombs made for rockstars to surrealist wonderlands, here are some of the world's most beautiful cemeteries.

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Pere Lachaise Cemetery • Paris, France

Cemeteries are filled with irreplaceable characters. Such is definitely the case at Pere Lachaise, Paris’ largest – and most well-known – cemetery. You'll be in good company with permanent residents such as Jim Morrison, Oscar Wilde, and Edith Piaf.

Highgate Cemetery • London, England

Drama and mystique is the game over at Highgate, a Victorian-era cemetery with Gothic-inspired tombs, ancient cedar trees, and an unparalleled view of the city of London. Notable residents include Karl Marx, criminal Adam Worth (who was the possible inspiration for Sherlock Holmes’ nemesis Professor Moriarty), and a poisoned Russian spy, whose coffin was lined with lead due to the extreme levels of radioactivity in his body.

Montjuic Cemetery • Barcelona, Spain

It's no surprise that Europe's surrealist city is also home to a cemetery covered in modernist mausoleums and sculptures which defy all traditional rules. This massive cemetery overlooking the sea features works by some of the city's most iconic architects, stained-glass artists, and sculptors.

Old Tombs of Khiva • Khiva, Uzbekistan

A shell of its former glory as the pearl of Silk Road, breathtaking Khiva is like a (royal) tomb itself. The tombs located just outside the city walls are as beautiful as the city they are guarding, and who knows what ancient secrets they hold.

Waverley Cemetery • Sydney, Australia

If you’re going to spend eternity somewhere, make sure that somewhere has a view. Located at the top of the cliffs of Bronte, Australia’s picturesque coast makes for the perfect backdrop for some solace amongst the city bustle.

Mirogoj Cemetery • Zagreb, Croatia

One of Europe's most beautiful cemeteries finds its home on the slopes of Croatia's Medvednica mountain. This gem of Zagreb was designed by Austrian architect Herman Bolle, who dotted the design with lush vegetation and sculptures by local Croatian artists.

La Recoleta Cemetery • Buenos Aires, Argentina

The final resting place for some of Argentina’s wealthiest and most powerful citizens, this lavish cemetery can certainly be described as an open-air museum.

Merry Cemetery • Sapanta, Romania

The Merry Cemetery isn’t named just for the jovial colors of its gravestones! From scandalous stories to secret vices, each gravestone tells the story of the person it is commemorating with a festive rhyme – perhaps the residents of Sapanta should find better hiding spot for their journals.

Bonaventure Cemetery • Georgia, USA

Gothic-style tombstones surrounded by lush flowers and ferns... this is arguably one of the most beautiful cemeteries in the United States. Located in the charming city of Savannah, this final resting place is filled with fascinating architecture as well as compelling folklore of the residents who call it home.

Okunoin Cemetery • Koya, Japan

Japan's largest cemetery protects the beautiful and historic mausoleum found at its center. The cemetery is meant to be a place of contemplation, as described by its name Okunoin, which translates to "inner sanctuary."

Lafayette Cemetery No. 1 • Louisina, USA

New Orleans' picturesque Garden District is home to a deep, dark secret: the haunting Lafayette Cemetery No. 1. Follow the footsteps of the city's history through the rows of tombs and crypts lining the graveyard. Don't forget to visit the lady of the graveyard: New Orlean's famous Voodoo Queen. Visitors to this spooky cemetery have claimed to have seen the Voodoo Queen's ghost escape from her crypt and take a stroll through the cemetery grounds.

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