10 Best Countries for a Multi-City Vacation

By Soren Rivero

Have you ever considered visiting multiple cities in one vacation? Allow us to introduce you to multi-city vacations!

These vacation types are designed to take you from one city to another (in one or multiple countries) of choice. Whether you want to visit Edinburgh and London in one week or spend a couple days discovering Cartagena and Bogota, there’s a multi-city vacation made just for you.

Want to learn more? Here are the 10 best countries to take a multi-city vacation.


Europe is probably the best region to visit if you’re wanting to knock off a few destinations all in one grand vacation. The proximity between countries and their relative sizes makes commuting between them quick and accessible. You can even take a tour through Central Europe to visit Prague, Budapest, and Vienna in the span of just one week! With that being said, the best countries in Europe to take a multi-city vacation are definitely Ireland, the United Kingdom, and Italy.

United Kingdom

Home to the constituent countries of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales, the United Kingdom is a phenomenal place to take your first multi-city vacation. You can start off by rummaging through the historical city of London, uncovering the tales of Shakespeare and seeing the Big Ben. Then, catch a ride over to Edinburgh in Scotland to wander through the medieval Old Town. Or, you can keep your adventures compacted into one country.


Now for the country we all know for having world-inspiring cuisine, iconic monuments, treasured history, and hidden secrets: Italy. Moving from city to city in Italy is quite easy, and is definitely recommended even if you don’t plan to take a ‘multi-city’ vacation. The cool thing about visiting different cities in Italy is that you’ll truly get a taste of everything. From breathtaking countryside views in Tuscany, succulent cuisine in Sicily, and the Colosseum in Rome, Italy truly has everything you need for the perfect multi-city vacation.


The Emerald Isle is truly a fascinating place for a long journey or short getaway. There’s so much to see and do, ranging from the iconic Cliffs of Moher, incredible castles, cobblestone streets, and the large Guinness Warehouse. What’s even better is that traveling between the country’s most popular cities (Dublin, Cork, Kilkenny, etc.) is fairly simple. Plus, you can capture the beauty of Ireland’s breathtaking natural scenery while driving or taking the train!

North America:

From the coldest tip of Alaska’s frozen glaciers, to the scorching deserts in Oaxaca, Mexico, the North American continent is full of variety. The size of the continent makes it difficult to explore all in one go, but the countries resting within North America offer endless possibilities for multi-city vacations.


You’ll have a great time exploring the different cities of Mexico, as the country is quite diverse in landscape and culture. The more you plan to move around, the better your experience gets. You can keep your adventures in Mexico tied to the urban areas such as Mexico City and Monterrey, while reserving some time to experience the incredible mountains and deserts surrounding those cities. Alternatively, embark on a jungle journey through the Yucatan peninsula to see ancient Mayan ruins in Tulum, dive into underground cenotes, and lounge on Cancun’s marvelous beaches.

United States

At first, you might think that the USA is the best country to take a multi-city vacation. You’re not too far from the truth! The US is an incredibly diverse country. However, it’s an overwhelmingly large country with plenty of rural areas, as well as cities that rely heavily on individual car transport. That aside, this shouldn’t change your mind about taking a multi-city vacation in the US! It’s still very possible to do and might even be the most exciting vacation you’ll ever have. Just be sure to plan well. Some recommendations include visiting the states in the New England region, traveling from city to city in California, or taking a western-inspired journey through the Canyonlands.


And here we have another country with a diverse set of cities to explore: Canada. Now, there’s a few options you can choose from when planning your next vacation to Canada. You can hit the slopes in Vancouver, go rafting in Banff, or experience the ultimate city break in Toronto. To get the most out of your multi-city vacation in Canada, consider treading through the Canadian Rockies. You can start in the famous city of Vancouver, uncover the natural beauty of Jasper and Banff, cross through the chilling winds of Whistler, then end in gorgeous Victoria.

South America:

Like Europe, South America is a great continent to travel from country to country. What’s even better is that most of the countries in South America speak Spanish, so the phrases you study beforehand will come in handy in nearly every country (outside of Brazil, and places where dialect/slang are much different). Colombia and Argentina are two particular countries that are great for multi-city vacations.


Colombia is a colorful country with a distinct culture and a rich biodiversity. It borders Panama, so it’s technically at the ‘peak’ of South America. Colombia is most known for its coffee, emeralds, biodiversity, and unique fruits. You can get a little taste of everything in Colombia by taking a multi-city vacation! Learn about culture and history in Bogota’s wide variety of museums, tread through an underground salt cathedral in Zipaquira, and take a tour through the Walled City of Cartagena.


On the opposite end of South America is the country of Argentina. A love for the herbal drink Mate, excellent cuisine, futbol culture, and a bustling urban capital make this a splendid country to visit. Argentina is no stranger to excitement, which you’ll quickly discover upon exploring this grand country. Start by falling in love with the bright nightlife in Buenos Aires, then gaze at the frozen glaciers over in El Calafate. End your journey in Iguazu to see the world-renowned Iguazu waterfalls.


Here are two countries in Asia that are ideal for multi-city vacations.


It’s no secret that India is a special place with many unique characteristics that you can’t find anywhere else. A number of the world’s wonders rests within India’s borders, which you can visit during a multi-city vacation. This includes seeing the Taj Mahal in Agra, walking through the Gateway of India arch in Mumbai, and gazing at the Jantar Mantar in Delhi. Just be sure to research the differences between languages and culture in North and South India!


Everyone’s favorite tropical destination in Asia, Thailand, is a place where sacred temples meet lavish beach parties. Take a multi-city vacation through the enchanting Thailand and experience the sizzling favors of street food in Bangkok, visit the Wat Rong Khun in Chiang Mai, and dive into turquoise waters in Phuket!


Africa’s climate and landscape can make a multi-city vacation quite intense. That’s not even including the cultural and language differences between countries. Regardless, there’s one honorable mention in Africa when it comes to taking a multi-city vacation.

South Africa

Known for its wildlife safaris and breathtaking natural landscapes, South Africa is a destination that should be on everyone’s bucket list. Nature-enthusiasts and adventurers will surely love South Africa, as there are so many opportunities to set forth into the great outdoors. If you’re looking to get a little sample of everything that South Africa has to offer, put particular effort into visiting both Johannesburg and Cape Town on a multi-city vacation. This allows you to see the country’s largest city before finishing your trip to South Africa off with a beach and mountain fun in Cape Town.

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