8 Cool Things To Do in Barbados

By Kenya Barrett

Ah, Barbados – a quaint island in the Caribbean with loads of culture, gorgeous views, and tasty eats! This wonderful country is also rich in historical significance and possesses some of the world’s most fascinating natural wonders. To get a jist of what to expect during your next visit, here are 8 things to do in Barbados!

Explore Bridgetown

Welcome to Barbados’ capital city of Bridgetown. This UNESCO World Heritage Site serves as the center of the island’s tourism as well as its economic and cultural hub. Not only does this area serve as the main location for business throughout the island, but it is also rich in historical and architectural significance.

Here, you can observe government buildings built in neo-Gothic or Victorian style that are reminiscent of Old England. You can also capture some amazing pictures from the iconic Chamberlain Bridge or discover some statues of honorable figures of Barbados’ past. Alternatively, you can spend time on Broad Street exploring the island’s nightlife. Hop around the lively rum bars, sample fresh seafood near the harbor, or mingle with locals and immerse yourself in the unique Bajan lifestyle.

Mount Gay Distillery

A getaway to Barbados wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the iconic Mount Gay Distillery, where visitors can enjoy a sampling of various rums produced right on the island! Currently, the site produces four different types of rum including the “XO Triple Cask Blend,” “1703 Master Select,” “Eclipse Heritage Blend,” and “Black Barrel Double Cask Blend.” All of said rums go through unique aging processes which create a specific aroma and taste for drinkers to enjoy.

In addition to this location being an active production site, travelers can also explore exhibitions that showcase the 300-year history behind the country’s rum-making process.
At the end of your experience at the Mount Gay Distillery, feel free to stop by the souvenir shop to purchase an assortment of gifts to bring home!

Bathsheba Beach

One of the most picturesque beaches on all of Barbados to visit is Bathsheba Beach! While this beach isn’t totally ideal for swimming, it features some stunning visuals that add to the island’s overall natural beauty. This is a perfect place to sit beachside and enjoy the views of swaying palm trees or giant algae-growing boulders that protrude out of the Caribbean sea.

Even though this beach has waters that are a bit too rough for swimming, experienced surfers can head out to take advantage of the rip tides and strong currents. Visitors can embrace gorgeous views, chat with locals, or even collect a variety of seashells along the shoreline. Perhaps the best way to enjoy Bathsheba Beach is by laying out on the shore, and watching the sunset before your eyes!

Hunte’s Gardens

This extensive botanical garden serves as one of Barbados’ most visited attractions. Curated by local Anthony Hunte, the garden features a number of flora and fauna native to the island. Visitors can stroll through the many nurseries located within the garden and spot various types of plants including the craboo and palm trees. Feel free to unwind and take in the Caribbean breeze as you wander through the green scenery.

View the Baobab at Queen’s Park

For all of the tree huggers out there, you may want to visit Queen’s Park. Located right in the center of Bridgetown, this park features one of the biggest and widest trees in all of the Caribbean. It takes about 15 adult humans to fully cover the circumference of the central branch – that’s insane! In addition to hugging this massive tree, you can take time to read more about the bulbous baobab and discover its history and age.

Barbados Boardwalk

If you're looking for a beachfront path to enjoy the sunset, we’d suggest heading over to the Barbados Boardwalk! This newly built area spans almost two kilometers and has attracted bikers and joggers to exercise and take in the sea breeze along the coast. However, the boardwalk welcomes those interested in a casual stroll or maybe even a cocktail at the bar. That’s right, you can enjoy a drink or a meal at any of the rum shacks along the strip.

Oistins Fish Fry

Oistins’ Fish Fry is one the best places in Barbados to sample the island’s top eats. Most lively on the weekends, this restaurant is bustling with Bajan locals looking to enjoy a tasty meal and dance to live bands playing popular reggae and calypso hits. This location is probably the best place to try some fresh seafood including marlin, mahi-mahi, and lobster!

As the name suggests, you could also grab a helping of fried fish with a mixed vegetables or coleslaw on the side. Some of the popular fish cooked in Barbados include red snapper, parrot fish, and porgy!

Harrisons Cove

Explore the creepy yet intriguing caverns of Harrison Cove when you travel to Barbados. This natural wonder is located underground in Allen View and attracts hundreds of visitors annually. Adrenaline junkies can enjoy exploring the tunnels of the cave where they can spot various crystals and minerals including stalagmites and stalactites.

During your exploration of Harrison’s Cove, you’ll observe the cave’s highest cavern dubbed “The Great Hall,” which measures at 50 feet high. As the tram passes through the cave, you’ll also be able to spot an area called “The Village” which houses various limestone formations that have transformed into columns of sorts. Other interesting areas to explore include “The Chapel”, “The Rotunda”, and “The Altar.”

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