Dare to Visit These 10 Haunted Places in the UK

By Soren Rivero

With a long history of feuds, wars, and betrayals, surely the United Kingdom is bound to contain some haunted places, right? Undoubtedly yes! Whether you’re looking to commune with those in the afterlife or wanting to scare your partner on a date night, there’s a haunted place in the UK for all your frightening needs!

Not sure where to start? Here are 10 haunted places in the United Kingdom you should visit. Be sure to pack your flashlight and holy water – you never know when you’re going to need them!

1. Blickling Hall: Norfolk, England

Have you heard the story of King Henry VIII? Essentially, he had six wives throughout his lifetime, some of which bore him kids. One of the wives was named Anne Boleyn. After learning that she was to birth a female as an heir to the throne, she was beheaded for treachery.

The Blickling Hall is a haunted house in Norwich that sits on top of the remains of the Boleyn Family Manor. Anne supposedly returns here every year around the middle of May. Visitors and workers have reported seeing her spirit as well as the ghosts of others. You can tour the hall, learn about the history, or even enjoy a (subjectively) peaceful experience in the hall’s gardens!

Image Credits to 11elevinarrow via Creative Commons

2. Aston Hall: Birmingham, England

Voted as one of the most haunted places to visit in the UK, Aston Hall has a rather grim history behind it. The story dates back to the house’s first tenant, Sir Thomas Holte. He murdered his cook, trapped his daughter for 16 years until her death, and “punished” a young boy for stealing.

Whether you see (or believe) in the ghosts that wander this manor, you can’t deny the eeriness of it. The architecture and off-putting vibe is enough to arouse fear in the hearts of any visitor. Oh! And there’s also a hole in the staircase from a cannonball during the English Civil War. How frightening!

3. Chillingham Castle: Northumberland, England

Built back in the 12th century as a stronghold, this castle stood tall and proud as a major line of defense against attackers. Unfortunately, its strength was not quite enough and soon became the burial ground for poor knights and soldiers. Tortured souls now walk around the castle, including the infamous blue boy and white pantry ghosts. You can take a nightly tour of the castle or stay for an overnight vigil for a chance to catch some supernatural sightings.

4. Margam County Park: Port Talbot, Wales

Sound the alarms: ghosts have left haunted buildings and now walk freely outside of confinement.

Okay, not quite, but if you visit Margam County Park in South Wales you’ll definitely feel something is off. From ghostly kids singing haunted chants and laughing maniacally, to dead monks moving objects, every corner of this park is terrifying – so don't let the beauty of it fool you. The environment is even more fascinating if you spot the gigantic gothic castle overlooking the park (which apparently is also haunted, too). We recommend going with a friend, or alternatively, make a “friend” there.

5. Pluckley Village, England

Named the most haunted village in England in previous iterations of the Guinness World Records, this pretty town is sure to surprise you. Used as a backdrop for a few short films, you might recognize this area upon first glance. The presence, however, is not as welcoming.

Over 10 different ghosts have been found by daring adventurers throughout time. One of which is the Watercress Woman, who used to sit along the shore smoking her pipe and selling watercress. One day, she fell asleep while smoking and burned in flames. You can take special nightly tours (with an even more special ghost tour in England on Halloween) throughout the village.

Image Credits to Amy Letts via Creative Commons

6. Felbrigg Hall: Norfolk, England

Ah, is it not the dream of every writer and literary enthusiast to go into the afterlife and revisit the Earth as a book-loving ghost…

Maybe not for all, but if you want to see this phenomenon live in action, you’ll want to visit Felbrigg Hall in Norfolk, England. William Windham III inherited the hall in 1749. A few years later, he died after trying to save books from a friend’s library in London that caught fire. Visitors might get a chance to see this (seemingly harmless) ghost still peering his nose inside of a book.

7. Corfe Castle: Dorset, England

Located in the quaint countryside of Dorset is the ruins of the once large Corfe Castle. Some awful events have happened at this castle in the past, one of which led to its eventual downfall.

The castle is owned by the National Trust making it open to the public. You can learn about the castle’s history, as well as get a chance to see "the woman in white". She was supposedly the person who betrayed the Royalist Bankes to the Redheads, who then infiltrated the castle and overthrew it. Kings, soldiers, and a young boy sent to death by his own stepmother also haunt the grounds.

8. Pendle Hill: Lancashire, England

It seems like the Salem Witch Hunts wasn’t the only event where people were tried and executed for performing magic. In the early 1600s, around ten local civilians were tried for witchcraft and publicly executed on the grounds of Pendle Hill.

The atmosphere is haunting enough – ghosts aside. The rolling hills and tall trees make for an aesthetic masterpiece. If you visit, you might get a chance to see one of the ghosts!

9. Ancient Ram Inn: Wotton-under-Edge, England

Care for a night in the bed of a person long deceased? Or how about a cup of bone-chilling tea at the fireside where a witch hid from hunters?

Known as the most haunted house in England, this is the only place on this list where we must tell you to definitely not bring children. Both the interior and exterior of the inn look like something straight out of a horror movie, making it one of the most frightening places to visit in the United Kingdom. It is apparently built on ancient Ley Lines that draw magical energy from Stonehenge, making the paranormal activity all the more intense. They’re only open a few days per week, though you can make special bookings. Halloween nights are occasionally open for tours, but anyone under 18 is not allowed inside.

10. Springhill: Moneymore, Northern Ireland

Casper, is that you?

Springhill in County Londonderry is haunted by a tormented ghost of a long lost widow, Olivia. Her ghost apparently pops up during the day time, mostly appearing to the youngest of visitors. She’s rather peaceful, only walking around and standing at the steps. So if you want to see a ghost in the UK without getting attacked, this one's for you!

Which of these haunted places in the UK will you visit?


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