How to Pay For Your Honeymoon

By Roman

A honeymoon is not just a getaway. Think of it as an investment that sets the tone of how you will live your life together. It’s important to know how you adventure together and you will discover that being married makes all the difference. The honeymoon packages we offer are designed to deliver an unforgettable experience at an affordable price. Here are a few hints about how to find the cash to pay for it all.

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Ask for cash instead of presents

Let’s face it, the joys of four toasters and a fondue set are overrated. Instead of getting a bunch of items that will become dust collectors in your cabinets and closets, ask your wedding guests to give you cash. Not only can it help pay for your honeymoon, having a little extra in your pocket when you travel can give you the ability to add that spontaneous activity. Hot air balloon anyone?

Crowd fund it

Trendy and hi-tech, there are a bunch of crowdfunding platforms out there. If you go this route, remember you need to put together a list of emails so you can invite people to connect to your crowdfunding page in one click. When you set up your page, add a link to the honeymoon package you have selected. It will help the people who are chipping in understand what they are giving you. Mentioning the web address for it in your invitations is a good way to go as well.

Book early

It’s no mystery that booking at the last minute tends to incur higher costs. This is due to the outstanding demand for plane tickets and hotel rooms. Booking a few months ahead will usually give you a better rate than booking in the last month before traveling.

Consider a different season

Travel is most expensive in the summer and during vacation periods like Thanksgiving and the winter holidays. If you want to travel to Europe, consider going in the early spring or late fall. The weather is usually still mild, there are less tourists, and the rates are lower. In Africa, where the hottest months are January and February, the ideal months there are July through October.

Take inventory

Take an inventory of what you have double items for and put the extras up for sale on places like Poshmark or Amazon. Set up a savings account for all the money you will get from selling these, and use that as your honeymoon piggy bank.

Once you have enough, use a credit card with points, rewards, or cash back, then pay it off immediately.

Take a break between the wedding and the honeymoon

Instead of traveling right away, take a month or two between the wedding and the honeymoon. This gives you a little more time to save and also lets you see how much cash you received from your wedding gifts.

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