How to Spend a Romantic Valentine’s Day Planning a Vacation

Chocolates and roses are great, but they’re gone a week later. We have a better idea: use the day to plan a romantic getaway together! We are here to give you and your sweetheart a few tips that will help make booking a vacation romantic, fun and successful. You can still do the chocolate and flowers thing, too.

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Set the Mood

Start by talking about two things:

  • What was your favorite trip or vacation ever and why?
  • What type of vacation have you always dreamed of?
  • Light a candle and put on Celine Dion

(Yes, we know we said two things, but the candlelight and music aren’t really part of the conversation, just the mood)

Your Place or Mine?

Start by picking a destination. Have each of you write down five places you have always dreamed of visiting, keeping in mind places you would like to share together. Don’t just write “the beach” - instead, write “a beach on a Greek island.” Share what you have written down and see what places you have in common (this is where you can start your destination search). If you don’t have any places in common, talk about what makes each place special for you and see if you can come up with other types of common goals. Then go to our Travel Inspiration page and read an article or two about your selected destination.

I’ll Show You Mine if You Show Me Yours

Remember you are going to need your names and birth dates exactly as they appear on your passports. Sharing your passport pictures with each other often generates stories, memories, and laughter that can help put you in that vacation mindset.

It’s All About the Wanderlust

Great Value Vacations offers a wide variety of destinations and vacation types. When you’re looking through different vacations in a specific destination, you can filter the choice by type of vacation. On the left hand side, you’ll see vacation types such as “Self-Drive,” “Rail Travel,” “Luxury,” “Bed & Breakfast” and more. Select any of these filters and the vacation packages that you see will include that vacation type.

Just Do It!

Once you’ve found the vacation of your dreams, check your travel dates. You can travel from any airport in the United States or Canada, and the rates will automatically adjust to include the departure airport that you pick. Once you've made sure your dates are good, it's time to book! You can even pay with two credit cards if you prefer to share the cost.

Pop that Cork

Yay! Your vacation is booked, it's time to celebrate. You’ll be getting access to your own personal vacation portal that includes all of you travel documents, accommodation information, and a ton of other stuff that our vacation experts will be sending you. So open that bottle of champagne and toast to your success. You’ve made this Valentine’s Day extra special!

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