Why You Need To Plan Your Travel Now

By Rachael Funk

Travel brings a tantalizing feeling of possibility. You're off work and bursting to get going. Energy seems to crackle in the air. When it comes to your precious time off, you have a decision to make: you can have an epic vacation, or you can watch it slip away, one day at a time. Quit saying “someday.” Here are a few great reasons to plan your next getaway right away.

1. We’re so over "inside"

It’s time to shed those comfy sweatpants and get outside! Say ciao to the mundane with a sojourn somewhere marvelous! What’s stopping you from a weekend on the road, shaking up your routine with a few nights in Vegas, or even a life-changing trip through some of the USA's most majestic national parks? If you don’t go now, when?

2. Travel strengthens your sense of independence

Boost your self-confidence or help prepare for the coming year in one easy step: take a trip! Do you want to become an amazing storyteller? Learn to think on your feet and trust your own instincts? Find out how you fit into this world, among other humans also yearning for human connections? We're telling you, man: travel.

3. Road trips are a blast

No matter what state you plan to visit, there’s a really good chance you’ll remember your time on the road just as fondly as your time in each city. Music, snacks, and plenty of time to reconnect with a few heart-to-heart talks as you take on the open road.

4. Get to know the USA

Road trips are an amazing way to get an intimate new perspective on the country you love. Everyone knows the song "America the Beautiful," but have you actually SEEN amber waves of grain? Where can you even FIND purple mountain majesty? You gotta get out there, experience that good crowned with brotherhood, and see what there is to see!

5. "There has never been anything false about hope"

Three words: Flexible. Change. Plan. FCP (included in some packages) means you've got the freedom to hope! The freedom to dream! The freedom to book your trip with confidence! Go on, let your optimism run wild. Snag that low price while it's available and if plans don't shake out, you can reschedule penalty-free--for ANY reason.

6. Social media humblebragging

Yeah, that’s right. We all do it, and you know you want to, too. The sweetness of posting that perfectly innocuous selfie in the pure sunshine, casually reclined as if to say “oh, hello. I didn’t see you there” is practically a right of travel. Who’s that making friends with a sea lion in San Francisco? Whose hair is so attractively tousled by a warm canyon breeze? Who's sipping a frosty beer on a rooftop in Denver? It’s you, buddy, and none of your friends can stand it.

7. It’s a great way to cure burnout

If you feel like you’re a little too locked into a routine, traveling is the perfect way to shake things up and re-energize! Take a week for yourself to rediscover the side of you that loves to meet new people, try new foods, and stay up way past bedtime. Don’t worry, this is why you have vacation days! You’ll thank yourself when you return home tanner, happier, and full of great stories.

8. Travel doesn’t have to be expensive

Not only are our getaways ultra-affordable, you can pick close-to-home destinations that you're already familiar with. Plus, some of our packages include tours and admissions which means you get to keep that entrance fee cash where it belongs--right in your pocket. With one of our road trip vacations and a little research, travel can be much kinder to your bank account than you may expect.

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