10 Secluded Beaches Around the World

By Soren Rivero

Everyone loves a good beach vacation now and then, right?

Unfortunately, beaches can get super crowded and noisy, especially during peak seasons – which is when it's great to find beaches that prioritize peace.

Not sure where to start? Here’s a short list of secluded beaches around the world. Introverts, rejoice!

Pandawa Beach, Bali, Indonesia

Perfect for those who seek not only a quiet beach but also clear water with weak waves, Pandawa Beach is the #1 secret beach in Bali. Pandawa Beach was even previously named ‘Secret Beach’ due to how difficult it was to access (the beach was blocked off by a huge cliff).

Thankfully, the beach is now easily accessible via a direct driving path in addition to nearby parking. The cliff still blocks out some noise from surrounding roads, and combined with the overall serene atmosphere, Pandawa Beach makes for one of the quietest beaches in the world.

Reynisfjara Beach, Vik, Iceland

The marvelous natural gem of Reynisfjara Beach can be found just a few miles south of Reykjavik in the seafront village of Vik. What makes this beach so special are the dark black sands that are inherent to the region. Taking some time to enjoy this secluded beach in Iceland is a great way to experience a non-tropical beach.

The vast cliffs, basalt stacks, and booming waves make this one of the top destinations to visit in Iceland. Even better, accessing Reynisfjara Beach is super easy!

Cachadaço Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

White sands, sky blue water, luscious green trees, and cute small crabs skittering around is just what you'll find at Cachadaço Beach in Rio de Janeiro’s seaside village of Trindade. This beach is the epitome of tranquility. There isn’t a hotel, restaurant, cafe, or other establishment in sight, and guests are scarce in number even during peak seasons. Visitors also regard the walk over as an incredible experience itself, filled with scenic views and comforting breezes.

Piñones Beach, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Located just two miles away from San Juan is the quiet Piñones Beach. You're unlikely to be crowded by tourists here as it's typically only visited by locals, making for a perfect secluded beach in Puerto Rico and easy day trip from San Juan. There are local vendors selling delicious food, a beautiful boardwalk, and activities like kayaking available as well.

Coffee Bay, Eastern Cape, South Africa

There aren’t that many secluded beaches in the world that offer something as unique as Coffee Bay in South Africa. The beach reflects the nearby town with the same name; less than 500 people inhabit the coastal town, and by proxy, the beach is shrouded in solitude.

Beyond hundreds of coffee trees, Coffee Bay Beach is an excellent place for nature lovers. It’s especially popular for multi-day trips into the wilderness, thanks to the low population density and gorgeous outdoor scenery. While at the beach, take a dip in the cool water and say hi to cows (yes, cows) that like to take naps on the soft white sand.

Playa del Secreto, Quintana Roo, México

Translated to ‘Secret Beach’ in English, Playa del Secreto is a private white sand beach in Quintana Roo. The beach is pretty well-known but is claimed by a gated community and only accessible by local residents, vacationers who rent villas, or their guests. It's possibly the most secluded beach in Mexico, and definitely worth visiting if you can find a way in. Otherwise, consider checking out Playa Langosta for a quiet secluded beach in Cancun away from all the tourists.

Booby Cay, Jamaica

To reach this next secluded beach, you’ll have to take a 7-mile boat ride off the western coast of Jamaica into the Caribbean Sea. Booby Cay, named after the brown Booby birds that use the cay as their breeding grounds, boasts stunning white sands, deep blue waters, plants bursting with color, and an assortment of indigenous marine life.

Panther Beach, California, United States

This beach is difficult to access compared to most other beaches in California, but definitely worth it! To get to Panther Beach, you’ll need to park about one mile away and hike through a narrow pathway. The journey down isn't the easiest, especially during riptides and strong surfs (which makes the rocks slippery). But if you prepare ahead and don’t mind the challenge, this secluded beach in California is great for anyone who wants a break from the crowds.

Some visitors have noticed that the cliffs around the beach act as a barrier against traffic noise. Clothing is also optional. While you’re there, try to spot the “hole in the wall” beach nearby via a man-made tunnel that passes through the ocean.

Dry Tortugas, Florida, United States

Visiting Florida but want to avoid Miami Beach? Consider taking a boat ride over to Dry Tortugas National Park, a 100-square mile park consisting of seven islands. There are many fun and interesting activities to do here, like visiting Fort Jefferson which is one of the largest forts in the United States.

Because it’s only accessible by boat, the islands at Dry Tortugas are generally less crowded than mainland beaches. Visitors typically recommend straying away from the park’s big attractions if you want to enjoy the more secluded beaches in Florida.

Old Harry Beach, Quebec, Canada

Return to the simple yet enthralling basics of a beach vacation on the shores of Old Harry Beach in Ile de la Grande Entree. Stretching farther than you can imagine, this down-to-earth beach features miles of yellow sand cast upon flat plains of grass. Dreamlike at first, Old Harry Beach is the place to go if you’re looking for quiet and secluded beaches in the world. Keep your eyes peeled for seals playing in the water once you’re there.

Want to visit some of these secluded beaches around the world? Browse our selection of beach vacations and find the destination that best suits your needs.

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