Romantic Vacation Activities You'll Both Enjoy

By Jessica Russo

You two have waited so long for this - you're finally going on the trip of your dreams! Whether this is your first vacation together or your 30th anniversary getaway, these lovey-dovey activities will make you feel like you're on your honeymoon. Immerse yourself in the beauty of a new destination and revel in the magic that your love brings to it.

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Wine Tastings

Sip, sample, smile!

Whether you're in the vineyards of Tuscany, the rolling hills of Spain, or the winelands of South Africa, wine tastings are always a perfect way to put you two in the spirit of romance. Take in the beauty around you while you sip a white, red or rose. You might even want to bring a bottle home as a souvenir! Save it for a special night and reminisce about the days of your blissful vacation months later. Say "cheers" to a love-filled getaway and clink glasses to unforgettable memories.

Spa Treatments

Pamper Yourselves

What's more relaxing than being on vacation? Oh, we know! Pampering yourself with a decadent spa treatment while on vacation. Escape to Ireland, Bali, or Thailand and indulge in a traditional massage with your partner. Heading to Iceland? Soak in a steamy hot spring! Forget all your stresses and just focus on being present and relaxed with one-another.

Try a Cooking Class

Turn up the flame and add some spice!

Every destination has a culinary claim-to-fame. Whether it's pasta-making in Italy, a pho-making workshop in Vietnam, or a croissant-baking class in France, cooking something new is always a fun way to connect (and yummy food is just the icing on the cake). Make a mess together, throw some flour at each other, and learn new skills to bring home to your very own kitchen.

Embark on a Boat Ride

Sail away together

There's something so magical about drifting off to sea, away from everyone and everything. All that's left is the sun, the sea, and your sweetie. Enjoy a relaxing afternoon sailing new oceans together. Pack a picnic, pop open a bottle of wine, and take advantage of quality quiet time with each other!


Climb the highest of mountains together

Hiking together is a wonderful way to reach that ooey-gooey-giddy feeling that you had when you first started dating. Helping each other and reaching new heights (literally and figuratively) is the perfect recipe for a rich connection. Along the way, ask your partner if they need help, then celebrate when you get to the top! A little adrenaline, a little support, and a lot of determination will make you two feel like you can do anything together. Couples who achieve together, stay together.

Hop on a bike

You wheel have tons of fun together!

What better way to see the world than in the open air next to your love? Glide through cute cobblestone streets or cycle through lush grasses near the coast. Wherever you may be, biking is always a fun way to explore together. Make it fun with a friendly race! The best part about cycling together? It's exercise! Burning off some extra calories means eating an extra scoop of gelato in Rome.

Go on a safari

Let your love run wild

Going to Africa or any other country with amazing wildlife? Grab your cameras and venture into the bush! Whether you're in Tanzania or the Amazon, spotting wild animals is a rush. Clinging on to one-another will make you both feel safer, and you'll be happy to experience such a rare opportunity together.

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