To Westeros and Beyond: 11 Filming Locations You Can Actually Visit

Do you dream of days spent north of The Wall? Or perhaps you’d like to sail over to the free city of Braavos and uncover the secrets that hide behind temple walls and dwell deep in the water.

No matter whose claim you support for leader of the Seven Kingdoms, fuel your fandom with a visit to the real locations where your favorite fictional cities lay.

Warning: This Article May Contain Spoilers!

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Dark Hedges • County Antrim, Ireland

Kings Road

The ominous Dark Hedges of Northern Ireland make for the perfect setting for the physical path that ultimately led to the demise of the Starks as we knew them; it was this road that Ned first takes after being summoned as Hand of the King.
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Girona, Spain

The free city of Braavos

With its winding alleyways, imposing churches and majestic arches, it’s no surprise the Catalan city of Girona, Spain was chosen as one of the film sites for the city of Braavos. Follow in the footsteps of a girl as you explore the temples and follow the maze-like paths and alleyways.
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Bardenas Reales • Navarre, Spain

Dothraki Sea

Home to hordes of wandering Dothraki, this desert-like setting is where the Mother of Dragons is ultimately captured by a khalassar - right before her triumphant overthrow of the patriarchy.
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Alcazar Gardens • Seville, Spain

Water Gardens of Dorne

A stroll through the Alcazar Gardens in Seville will have any visitor feeling like royalty, the perfect setting for House Martell’s Water Gardens. Start the above video at 5:40 for a walkthrough of this majestic oasis.
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Hverfjall Volcano • Iceland

North of the Wall

All that’s missing from this scenic shot is a horde of White Walkers descending upon the living. Although many snow-laden locations throughout Iceland were used in filming, the Hverfjall Volcano was a clear favorite as it made appearances throughout the seasons.
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Plaza de Toros• Seville, Spain

Fighting Pit of Meereen

While scenes at the House of Dorne were filmed in the gardens, you may recognize the Plaza de Toros from the famous fighting pit of Meereen. It was here that Sir Jorah fought to regain the Khaleesi’s trust by presenting her with a gift in the form of Tywin Lannister.
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Jökulsárlón • Iceland

North of the Wall

Vast, isolated and abundant in crystal-blue glaciers, this glacial lake created a powerful backdrop for additional scenes north of the wall.
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Castillo de Zafro • Campillo de Dueñas, Spain

Tower of Joy

After numerous glimpses leading up to the tower thanks to visions from the Three-Eyed Raven, the season finale finally gave us a view of the tower that awaited at the end. Above, take a virtual tour of the real Campillo de Dueñas; this is where the Snow story all started.
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Ballintoy Harbour • Ballintoy, Ireland

Port of Pyke

As the layers of Reek continued to peel off, we see Theon Greyjoy return to the Iron Islands at the Port of Pyke, filmed in the fishing village of Ballintoy Harbour.
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Roman Road • Cordoba, Spain

Long Bridge of Volantis.

Only an actual trip would reveal the magnificent size of this bridge in Cordoba. It is in fact so large that the heart of the marketplace of Volantis was staged and shot on this very bridge.
Cross the Roman Bridge in Cordoba

Grjótagjá • Iceland

Jon & Ygritte's Private Cave

Most travelers to Iceland will pay visit to the hot springs of the Blue Lagoon, but the geothermal cave of Grjótagjá is certainly worth adding to your itinerary.
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