The Top 10 Beaches in the U.S.

By Soren Rivero

Pack your sunscreen and favorite sunglasses, cause we’re headin’ to the beach! In a country filled with as much diversity as the United States, the possibilities to visit excellent beaches are endless. If you need some inspiration on which to visit, here are the top 10 must visit beaches in the U.S!

1. Destin, Florida

This beach rests on the Florida Panhandle and is an absolute must see beach. It's about six miles long, with white sand and turquoise waters tempting visitors into a state of relaxation on every corner. Two famous parks are nearby, Henderson Beach State Park and Grayton Beach State Park. Visitors can take boat tours with different themes including a romantic getaway for couples, or a pirate-themed one for the child at heart.

2. La Jolla Cove, California

This picturesque cove is famous for its equally breathtaking and comforting atmosphere. The beach itself is rather miniscule compared to others, though it is part of the larger La Jolla Underwater Park Ecological Reserve where sea lions and other aquatic species gather. Visitors can snorkel in underwater caves, scuba dive next to large schools of fish, or partake in open-water swimming!

3. Lighthouse Beach, North Carolina

Simplistic yet strikingly beautiful, Lighthouse Beach is a familiarity amongst local surfers and sightseeing enthusiasts thanks to the amazing waves and scenery that characterize this landscape. Conveniently placed in the heart of Buxton, Lighthouse Beach is the home of the world’s largest lighthouse — the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse.

4. St. Augustine, Florida

Old architecture, lighthouses, nature trails, and plentiful access to warm waters, St. Augustine truly has it all. What makes a trip to this beach unique is simply how much there is to do. Along with surfing and swimming, visitors can also enjoy activities including direct access to national monuments, ample fishing piers, and even a nearby splash park.

5. Coronado Beach, California

A shining example of the majesty that is San Diego, Coronado Beach is a long stretch of sand that acts as a backdrop for the famous Hotel de Coronado from Marilyn Monroe’s hit movie Some Like It Hot. What’s incredible about this beach is that the sand is mixed with a unique mineral that makes the bright yellow sand dazzle underneath the sun’s warming gaze. Take a walk on this beach during sunset or sunrise and you’ll be rewarded with an eye-catching scene like none other.

6. South Padre Island, Texas

South Padre is one of Texas’ biggest beaches located on the state’s most southern tip right next to the border of Mexico. The waters are usually warmer because of its location, but the fun really comes in when talking about South Padre’s reputation as a hotspot for party-goers and spring breakers. Right next to the beach, there are tons of rentable condos, hotels, restaurants, bars, and even parks. Port Isabel is also a fantastic spot for aquatic activities, located just off of the island.

7. Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, Michigan

Quiet, peaceful, magnificent, sparkling, relaxing – it’s hard to pick just a few words to describe Sleeping Bear Dunes Beach in Michigan, especially when taking into consideration that the beach boasts over 60 miles of shoreline available to the public. From this beach, you can see some peculiar sights of nature that’ll make you question whether or not you’re truly in Michigan.

8. Sun Bay Beach, Isla Vieques, Puerto Rico

Located on Isla Vieques just a few miles off of mainland Puerto Rico, Sun Bay Beach is one of the most popular beaches — not because of the yellow sand or beach activities, though. Rather, visitors flock here in dozens at night to witness the phenomena of bioluminescent activity that can only be seen in very specific parts of the world. When the time is right, you’ll see an array or bright colors dancing in the waters under the stars.

9. Golden Isles, Georgia

Georgia doesn’t exactly have a reputation for being a hot spot for beach-goers, though that doesn’t mean the state is void of nice beaches! One of those, Golden Isles, is actually a manifestation of four different barrier islands: Sea Island, Jekyll Island, Little St. Simons Island, and St. Simons Island, with each one offering something different.

10. Cannon Beach, Oregon

If you’re looking for something a little different, you’ll want to visit the enchanting and mystical Cannon Beach just a few miles from Portland. The beach looks almost barren, yet the atmosphere is regarded as magical. You’ll likely not be tempted to swim in the waters here due to how frigidly cold they can get. With that being said, there are multiple tidal pools surrounded by rock formations that are accessible to swimming. Be sure to keep an eye out for the famous Haystack Rock that stretches up from the ocean and over 200 feet into the sky.


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