Top 7 Warm Weather Destinations to Spend the Holidays

By Soren Rivero

Most of us have had to brave the bitter cold that comes with the winter season at some point in our lives. But while bundling up in layers upon layers, drinking our favorite hot beverages, and cuddling with our fluffy pets might sound nice — some of us would rather stay warm during the holidays.

If you’re looking for some warm destinations to travel to during the holiday season, here are 7 of the best!


Mexico is a decent sized country with plenty of diverse territories, all with their own unique activities and quirks. Wanna know what else is diverse about Mexico? The climate!

As with most other countries around the world, the more north you travel above the equator (hello, middle school geography class!), the colder the temperatures will be. If you want the perfect destination that’s warm but not too hot during the winter, check out the super popular city of Cancún.

Cancún is located on the very far southeast of Mexico, on the Yucatán Peninsula — just next to the Caribbean Sea. Because of this, the climate in Cancún is fairly warm and humid all year round. Winter months usually linger around 75-85°F (23-29°C). During this time, visiting the beach is ideal since the sun is still shining but not bright enough to burn you. If you travel during December, you may receive a visit from Santa at one of the many hotels situated right on the beaches!

The Caribbean Islands

Speaking of the Caribbean Sea, why not take a trip to one of the many beautiful islands located in this unique region?

The Caribbean region, much like our last destination, is very diverse. There’s so much culture to explore within each island, but we'll focus on Jamaica.

Jamaica stays warm all year round, with a slight shift in temperatures between the winter and summer seasons (about 3-10°F or 2°C). During the winter, you’ll see people getting away from home and opting for a nice day on the beach. What better way to enjoy the holidays than with sandy beaches and jerk chicken?


If you’ve ever been to Hawaii, especially during the summer, you’re probably aware that this magnificent island can get super warm. Unlike other locations on this list, the entirety of Hawaii usually maintains a single climate — travelling North or South won’t change much in terms of temperature.

Winter lasts from late November until mid-February, with the cold temperatures (on average about 76°F or 24°C) staying until early March. While this doesn’t make Hawaii perfect for something like snowboarding (there’s very little snow in Hawaii), you can do something equally as fun: surfing!

There are numerous surfing competitions throughout Hawaii during the winter season for you to watch (or join). If you time your trip perfectly, you might even see Santa arriving on his own surfboard at Maui on Saturday evenings.

Alternatively, you can view some of the many New Year’s lights shows that mix native Hawaiian culture with western traditions!

Costa Rica

Winter is the driest season in Costa Rica, when temperatures drop slightly but still stay warm. Obviously, the many beaches in Costa Rica are a must see and this is usually where you’ll experience the most festivities. You can also view plenty of decorations around restaurants and other establishments!

The fun begins during New Year's when bars and clubs host themed parties that last way early until the morning. There’s also Semana Santa (Holy Week) that takes place the week before Easter in April. It’s similar to Spring Break where people celebrate with parties, food, and drinks.


In terms of climate, Thailand’s winter season is fairly mild. The Southern regions of Thailand become much drier and temperatures stay around 70-80°F (21-16°C). If you go to the top of the Northern region, temperatures get much colder - sometimes even going below freezing and prompting the occasional frost.

Many holidays that are associated with the winter season in other parts of the world don't see much celebration in Thailand. Christmas and Hanukkah events are scarce since the nation’s most common religion is Buddhism. However, there are still some events due to locals paying homage to tourists. This opens a perfect opportunity to experience life as a local here in this beautiful country! You can walk the streets of Bangkok, visit some of the natural landscapes, watch a Muay Thai fight, and celebrate New Year’s!


Did you know that Colombia is one of the most diverse countries in all of South America? This is due to many reasons: the Indigenous people living here, Amerindian civilization, Spanish and European settlements, and even cultural influence from Africa and the Middle East.

Not to anyone’s surprise, that means there’s plenty to do in Colombia during the holiday season! The holidays happen during Colombia’s dry season (November through March). Because of the rich diversity in this great country, there’s a festivity for everyone to take part in. Additionally, you can take a break from all the holiday craziness and spend time in nature. Colombia is known as being a safe haven for nature lovers, after all.


Many people visit Florida for the popular Walt Disney World and Universal Studios, which offer plenty of new activities during the holiday season. November through December is the best time to visit these theme parks, as the weather hardly goes below 70°F (21°C).

South Florida is also home to an extremely profound and rich Jewish population and culture. This results in plenty of events being held towards the end of the year to celebrate Hanukkah!

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