Travel to Hoi An, Vietnam

Travel to Hoi An and experience a quaint 15th century fishing village and wonderful, wide pristine beaches. Hoi An is the perfect family beach destination for relaxing while traveling between larger cities in Vietnam.

Hoi An, a 15th Century Fishing Village

A picturesque small Vietnamese village town on the East Coast of the Vietnam Sea, Hoi An has played host to Chinese, Japanese and Portuguese traders who left their influences on the town since the 15th Century. In the old Portuguese enclave, European-styled buildings set on the inlets with fishing boats bobbing to the gentle waves makes for a perfect setting to enjoy terrace seating in restaurants serving traditional Vietnamese food.

Tropical China Beach, Hoi An

Warm waters and spacious beaches

Most people think of Hawaii, the Greek Islands, or Saint Tropez for a relaxing beach holiday, yet Hoi An boasts wide, breathtaking beaches that are far more affordable than some summer European beach resorts! China Beach, near Hoi An, is pristine, with coconut palms. Laze under an umbrella and enjoy a reprieve from the shopping, sightseeing, and partying you'll be doing in the larger Vietnamese cities. Hoi An is the destination to recharge the batteries before exploring more of Vietnam!

Experience the thrill of riding mopeds in Hoi An

Vacations exceed expectations when experiencing new places that are not planned. Riding a moped around Hoi An, where traffic is less hectic than the larger cities of Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh, is exhilarating! Wind your way to the beaches along the coast, stop off in small villages, and shop at local clothing stores. Stop to take that amazing photographs of street life, rice fields, or distant mountains along the way. Bicycles are also a great way to see the town of Hoi An, as the undulating terrain is easy to pedal at a leisurely pace.

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Phuoc Kien Assembly Hall

Dedicated to the goddess of the sea to protect sea merchants, the Phuoc Kien Assembly Hall is a traditional temple for Vietnamese people. Learn about the Thien Lau and light some Joss Sticks for happiness and peace on earth.

Enjoy your travels to Hoi An and discover the seaside town, sparking beaches and rural life in Vietnam.

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