Travel to Mozambique

Travel to Mozambique to explore the Zambesi River, relax on unspoilt beaches, learn the spice market history, and visit the burgeoning street art scenes of Maputo.

Mozambique Beaches

If you are a connoisseur of the world's best beaches, Mozambique must be high up on your list. The long stretches of pristine beaches that run along the Indian Ocean create a picture-perfect playground to explore. Laze under a palm tree in a hammock and do nothing except read and relax. Explore eye-popping coral reefs by kayaking, surfing, divingm and snorkeling in Mozambique's crystal clear surrounding waters! During the Winter months, spot Humpback whales and dolphins as they migrate north along the coastline.

Cruise the Zambesi River in Mozambique

The mighty Zambesi River is the lifeblood of Mozambique's countryside as it winds its way through the country to the Indian Ocean. From whitewater rafting to cruising the river for an elephant, rhinoceros, or hippopotamus sighting, the innermost beauty of this African nation can be seen from the Zambesi River.

Spice Markets in Maputo

Since the 16th century, Maputo stood as the largest city in Mozambique! Located on the Indian Ocean, it has been a major trading port for the Portuguese for gold and spices. Visit the local spice markets to see the traders and then enjoy the Portuguese-inspired dishes in local restaurants in the Maputo waterfront district. Fresh coriander, bay leaves, chili peppers and paprika flavors will tantalize your taste buds and ensure a rich, unique African culinary experience.

Street Art in Mozambique

In Maputo, the street art is amazing. Wander around the streets near the Praça de Independência in the heart of Maputo and see local artists who hang their paintings and sketches on fences, lines, and frames to showcase their work. Before leaving Maputo, be sure to visit to the Natural Musuem and FEIMA Handicraft Fair and collect some souvenirs.

Enjoy your travels to and explore the beaches, wildlife and spice markets of Mozambique.

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