Sinettä, Finland

Arctic Glass Igloos

4 out of 5 stars
Coffee/​Tea Maker
Hair Dryer

Open your eyes to the sky above you

Cozy up in your very own glass igloo! Located far away from the light and noise of town, this remote location serves as the ideal spot for watching the magical Northern Lights. Watch the colorful spectacle from the warmth of your comfy bed, or step outside and watch in amazement from the snowy magical field of pine trees. As you're laying in bed, stare up at the mesmerizing starry sky above.

Does the word "igloo" make you worried about the cold? Put those worries to rest. Although it feels like you're sleeping in the open, the interior of these igloos are heated to be just as warm and cozy as a hotel! Sleep soundly, as the Aurora Alarm searches the skies for you. Once the alarm wakes you up, all you need to do is open your eyes and enjoy the spectacular sight from your bed. Make some tea on the kettle, and enjoy amenities such as underfloor heating, hairdryers, refrigerators, and private showers and toilets. To top it off, the beds in the igloo are motorized, so feel free to adjust your position for sleeping or viewing purposes. In the morning, enjoy breakfast and wake up to the wilderness.

Arctic Glass Igloos

Lehtoahontie 27
97220, Sinettä, Finland

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