A Quick Guide to Australian Slang

By Rachael Funk

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Meaning: Australia

Welcome to Straya!


Meaning: awesome, very cool

That AC/DC show was gold, mate.


Meaning: an inquisitive, prying person.

Mind your own business, stickybeak!

She’ll be right

Meaning: everything will be ok

No worries about the match, mate. She’ll be right.


Meaning: Afternoon

I’ll be back this arvo!

Trackie dacks

Meaning: sweatpants

Please don’t wear your trackie dacks on our date.

Face like a dropped pie

Meaning: ugly

His dog has a face like a dropped pie.


Meaning: the phone

I'm on the blower, could you see who's at the door?


Meaning: really good

It was a ripper of a party.


Meaning: someone who’s lazy

That bludger didn’t even lock the door behind himself.


Meaning: Sunglasses

Don’t forget your sunnies.

Crack onto

Meaning: hitting on someone, flirting

Couldn’t tell if he was cracking onto me or if he was just friendly.


Meaning: a passionate kiss

Take Jack’s seat, he’s outside having a pash with the bartender.

Chuck a sickie

Meaning: calling in sick

Chuck a sickie and come to the beach with us.


Meaning: breakfast

I like to take a swim before brekkie.


Meaning: gas station

Grab some chips while you’re at the servo.


Meaning: whining

Don’t mind him, he’s just having a whinge about missing his flight.


Meaning: a toilet

Kate’s run to the dunny before we go.


Meaning: a crowded space, something that is very full

The pub was chockers today.

Fair dinkum

Meaning: unquestionably good or genuine. Also used to express approval

This beer’s fair dinkum!


Meaning: a swimsuit

Hope you’re in your togs because we’re going swimming in Sydney harbor!


Meaning: a bottle of beer

We’re out of stubbies, but there’s still a slab of tinnies.

Sweet as

Meaning: awesome

That movie was sweet as!


Meaning: thank you

“Snagged you some Tim Tams.”

Woop woop

Meaning: somewhere far away from everything, middle of nowhere

The car park is chockers so we had to park in woop woop.

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