Amazing Reasons to Visit Venice, Italy

By Bridget Castner

Venice has been an UNESCO Site in Italy since 1987 and is brimming with amazing travel experiences. Boasting charming canals, historic palaces, and tons of gorgeous landscapes, Venice truly has it all!

This article is full of amazing reasons to visit Venice and will have you adding the city to your Italy bucket list in no time.

Gondola Rides

Experience the enchantment of Venice as you effortlessly glide through its picturesque canals – just don't forget your sunscreen or stylish hat! Whether it's day or night, there's nothing better than immersing yourself in the timeless allure of a Venice gondola ride. Opt for the tranquil back canals over the bustling Grand Canal for a serene and rejuvenating journey.

Museums, Art, and More Museums!

Venice is brimming with history and art, making it hard to choose where to begin. The Gallerie dell'Accademia boasts the world's largest collection of Venetian paintings featuring masterpieces like Giorgione's Tempest and Titian's Pieta. Another must-visit is Doge's Palace, offering a glimpse into its historic ballrooms, apartments, courtyard, and prisons. Explore the history of gondolas and antique ships at the Museo Storico Navale di Venezia. Lastly, the Museo della Musica pays homage to the art of instrument-making. Venice is an art and history lover's paradise!

Photogenic at Every Corner

Venice is absolutely one of the most photogenic places on Earth. Whether you book a photographer for a romantic photo shoot or simply take some classic selfies, Venice offers an abundance of scenic spots where you can seize breathtaking photo opportunities. Some great spots include the Bridge of Sighs, the Rialto Bridge, and the viewpoint at San Giorgio Maggiore. Gondola rides are also the perfect place to take memorable photos. Snap a few selfies, ask your Gondolier to take photos, or just enjoy photographing the stunning scenery as you float around.

Signature Venetian Dishes

In Venice, you'll discover many unique dishes that showcase the city's culinary identity. Bigoli in salsa is a signature dish made with whole-wheat pasta and a sauce of onions and sardines or anchovies. Traditionally reserved for special occasions, it is now enjoyed year-round. Risi e bisi, Venetian-style rice and peas, is another classic staple served as an appetizer. It combines rice, pancetta, onion, butter, parsley, and fresh peas. Indulge in other delicious foods like Baccala mantecato, Venetian pinsa, and fugassa as you feast on delicious food in Venice.


No trip to Italy is complete without a wine tasting! Many wineries are about an hour away from Venice City, but the journey is definitely worth it. Fratelli Vogadori, just an hour and thirty minutes away, offers vineyard exploration and wine tastings. Family-owned Vini Clementi, also an hour away, provides tours and tastings with local cheeses and meats. If you prefer to stay in Venice, you can easily enjoy a glass of Amarone della Valpolicella or other traditional wines at local restaurants and bars.

LGBTQ+ Friendly Destination in Italy

Venice is a generally LGBTQ+ friendly destination in Italy. The Campo Santa Margherita area in Dorsoduro is the heart of the city's vibrant LGBTQ+ community. Restaurants like Le Bagolo, Antico Panificio, and Ristoteca Oniga are openly LGBTQ+ friendly and great spots for a meal or drink. Although Venice lacks specific LGBTQ+ nightclubs, nearby cities like Padua offer options and are just a 30-minute drive away. Remember that while Venice is generally accepting, some conservative areas exist, so taking necessary precautions for safety is important.

The Architecture

In Venice, ancient structures with captivating Gothic, Renaissance, or Baroque elements display the city's rich historical heritage. Palazzo Cavalli-Franchetti, one of the oldest buildings in Venice, showcases Venetian Gothic style with stunning stonework and intricate windows. St. Mark's Campanile, standing tall in Plaza San Marco, offers majestic archways and is perfect for amazing photos. Explore Santa Maria dei Miracoli, Saint Mark's Basilica, and Ca'da Mosto for more incredible architecture and history.

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