The 15 Best Cities to Visit in Europe in 2024

By Soren Rivero

Taking a European vacation is an exhilarating prospect, with a multitude of captivating cities vying for your attention. From the timeless charm of historic capitals to the avant-garde energy of cultural hubs, Europe offers a diverse tapestry of experiences.

This guide will be your passport to the best European cities awaiting exploration in the coming year, so join us as we share the top 15 cities in Europe to visit in 2024.

Barcelona, Spain

Located on the northeastern coast of the Iberian Peninsula is the vibrant city of Barcelona, which seamlessly blends tradition and modernity into one unique creation. You can see the city’s unique architectural identity by visiting Sagrada Familia and Park Güell, two of Spanish artist Antoni Gaudí's most famous masterpieces. Aside from the architecture, you can’t miss out on the inviting people, bustling streets, and delicious cuisine like sizzling seafood paella. To top it off, the beautiful beaches add a laid-back charm that makes Barcelona one of the best cities to visit in Europe this year.

Prague, Czech Republic

A trip to Prague feels similar to entering into a fairytale. The city’s history is evident throughout each of its cobblestone streets, Gothic architecture, castles, and overall magical ambiance. Prague also boasts some of the most iconic landmarks in all of Central Europe including Charles Bridge, the Astronomical Clock, and Old Town Square. While in Prague, you must indulge in hearty Czech cuisine, as you truly can’t experience the richness of the city without tasting the unique food options.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik is often synonymous with two things: medieval walls and the Old Town. These are two features that make the city so unique. Located on the Adriatic Coast, Dubrovnik is a dazzling coastal city encircled by medieval walls, hosting an Old Town that has been dubbed a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Take a stroll along the city walls for stunning views of the sea, explore charming streets, visit Game of Thrones filming locations, and take a tour of the Renaissance and Baroque architecture of Dubrovnik’s Old Town!

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam's picturesque canals and historic architecture make it a perennial favorite. In recent years, Amsterdam has become a popular destination for tourists all around the world, for different reasons. For starters, you can’t deny that Amsterdam is filled with opportunities to learn. The Anne Frank House, Van Gogh Museum, and Rijksmuseum are cultural landmarks that enrich the city's allure. You can experience the rest of this Dutch treasure by exploring the narrow streets of the Jordaan District, taking a canal cruise, and visiting the vibrant flower markets.

Nice, France

Nice stands out as one of the best destinations in Europe, captivating visitors with its irresistible charm and diverse offerings. Nestled along the azure shores of the French Riviera, Nice seamlessly blends historic grandeur with a vibrant modern atmosphere. The city boasts an enchanting Old Town, where narrow cobblestone streets lead to bustling markets and charming cafes. The iconic Promenade des Anglais invites leisurely strolls along the Mediterranean, while the vibrant flower market, Marché aux Fleurs, adds a burst of color and fragrance to the experience. With a rich cultural heritage, a delectable culinary scene, serene beaches, and a mild Mediterranean climate, Nice captures the essence of an ideal Europe vacation.

Vienna, Austria

Treat your ears to the musical legacy of Austria’s capital city of Vienna! Trace the steps of legendary musicians, including Beethoven and Mozart, all in this grand city. Explore the majestic Schönbrunn Palace and the artistic treasures of the Belvedere Palace, relive musical history at the Vienna State Opera, and wander through the historic Innere Stadt. When you’re not soaking in the city's elegance, Vienna's coffeehouse culture invites you to savor aromatic blends while contemplating the city's artistic legacy. Plus, indulge in local Austrian cuisine like traditional Wiener Schnitzel and delicate Sachertorte.

Inverness, Scotland

Nestled amidst the rugged beauty of the Scottish Highlands, Inverness is one of the best cities in Europe to visit for travelers who want an enchanting destination. The city, cradled by the River Ness, provides the perfect backdrop for leisurely strolls along its scenic banks. Also present – plenty of history! Learn about the intricacies of Inverness Castle, the mysteries of Loch Ness, and the haunting battles at the Culloden Battlefield. Beyond its historic gems, Inverness reveals a vibrant cultural heartbeat, echoing through its lively streets, diverse culinary delights, and the warm embrace of Scottish hospitality.

Santorini, Greece

Become captivated by one of the Aegean Sea’s jewels: Santorini! A city boasting a unique charm you can’t find elsewhere, Santorini is most well-known for its white-washed buildings and blue-domed roofs perched on dramatic cliffs. Simply walking through the famous Oia district is a magical experience of its own accord, yet you can’t miss seeing it during sunset hours. With delectable cuisine choices, beautiful scenery, and some of Greece’s most pristine beaches, Santorini is a must-visit destination in Europe.

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, often referred to as the "Pearl of the Danube," is a city divided by the Danube River, with Buda on one side and Pest on the other. This Hungarian capital captivates visitors with its stunning architecture, including the iconic Buda Castle and the grandeur of the Hungarian Parliament Building, illuminated along the Danube River at night. Budapest's thermal baths, such as the renowned Széchenyi and Gellért Baths, offer a unique relaxation experience. The city's vibrant culinary scene introduces palates to traditional Hungarian flavors and innovative gastronomy. As you traverse the historic streets and bridges, like the famous Chain Bridge, the city's rich history unfolds, with remnants of the Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian empires. From the lively ruin bars to the tranquil Margaret Island, Budapest seamlessly marries the old and the new, creating an unforgettable tapestry of experiences.

Florence, Italy

Florence, renowned as the cradle of the Renaissance, exudes a captivating blend of art and history. The cultural significance of this city is beautifully showcased through iconic landmarks such as the Uffizi Gallery, Ponte Vecchio, and Florence Cathedral. Wander through the enchanting Piazza della Signoria, delight in the flavors of Tuscan cuisine, and relish the artistic marvels that grace every corner of this Italian gem. Take a day trip out into the Tuscan countryside to learn why Florence is one of the best cities to visit in Italy.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik, Iceland's capital, distinguishes itself as a crowd-favorite travel destination thanks to its unique mix of cosmopolitan allure and natural wonders. Set against breathtaking landscapes, the city offers the rare chance to witness the mesmerizing Northern Lights, setting it apart from many of its European counterparts. Reykjavik's modern architecture, vibrant street art, and thriving cultural scene enhance its appeal, complemented by a rich history showcased in landmarks like Hallgrímskirkja. The warm hospitality of its residents, coupled with renowned geothermal pools like the Blue Lagoon, creates a perfect harmony of urban sophistication and natural splendor, making Reykjavik one of the best cities to visit in Europe.

Munich, Germany

Set within the heart of Bavaria is a city that combines traces of tradition with a vibrant contemporary lifestyle – and that city is, of course, Munich! What you’ll see in Munich is incomparable to anywhere else that you’ll visit in Germany. The Marienplatz, Nymphenburg Palace, and the English Garden are iconic landmarks that showcase Munich's architectural prowess and natural beauty. Embrace the lively atmosphere of the beer gardens, immerse yourself in Bavarian traditions, and experience the world-famous Oktoberfest (if your visit coincides with the fall festivities).

Manchester, England

Specifically popular for its industrial heritage, Manchester has transformed into a modern metropolis while still retaining its unique “old-time” character. The city's architecture, from the historic Manchester Cathedral to the iconic Beetham Tower, reflects its diverse past. Manchester's cultural scene is electric, to say the least, with world-class museums such as the Manchester Museum and the Museum of Science and Industry offering engaging experiences. The city is also a haven for football enthusiasts, home to the legendary Old Trafford stadium. Overall, Manchester’s welcoming spirit, friendly locals, and the perfect balance of tradition and innovation make Manchester an incredible city to visit in Europe, or more specifically, the UK!

Wicklow, Ireland

Nestled on Ireland's east coast, Wicklow is known as the "Garden of Ireland" and is one of Europe's best destinations. Though not quite a city, it is the capital town of County Wicklow. Renowned for its ethereal landscapes, Wicklow boasts the Wicklow Mountains National Park, a sprawling haven of rugged peaks, serene lakes, and lush forests. The captivating Glendalough, with its ancient monastic settlement and scenic lakes, adds a historic charm. Wicklow's dramatic coastline, featuring the iconic Sally Gap and Powerscourt Waterfall, offers breathtaking vistas. Visitors can explore quaint villages, indulge in local hospitality, and experience the warmth of Irish culture. Wicklow seamlessly blends natural beauty, cultural richness, and outdoor adventures, making it a must-visit destination in Europe.

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon invites visitors to experience a harmonious blend of history and contemporary energy. Its charming cobblestone streets, historic architecture, and lively neighborhoods create a vibrant city that unfolds along the Tagus River. Lisbon’s legendary viewpoints, such as the panoramic Miradouro da Senhora do Monte, provide stunning views of terracotta rooftops and picturesque landscapes around every corner. Lisbon's warm-hearted locals, the soulful notes of Fado music, and its proximity to beautiful beaches make it one of the best cities in Europe to visit for the perfect fusion of history, culture, and coastal allure.

In conclusion, the allure of Europe's top cities beckons with promises of unforgettable experiences in 2024. From the timeless elegance of Vienna to the cutting-edge creativity of Amsterdam, each city on this curated list opens a doorway to a unique adventure. As you contemplate your travel plans for the coming year, consider the rich history, cultural vibrancy, and breathtaking landscapes that await you in these top 15 cities in Europe to visit.


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