Basic Italian Phrases to Know When Traveling to Italy

By Bridget Castner

If you’re planning to travel to Italy and want to communicate effectively, it’s best to know some common Italian phrases to help get you get by.

To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of some helpful Italian phrases for travel to use throughout your journey!

Main Phrases and Greetings

This first list should help get you through some main Italian phrases and greetings from “hello”, and “goodbye”, to asking someone if they speak English, and letting someone know you don’t understand what they are saying.

Ciao! (Chow)


Parla Inglese? (Pah-la een-glay-zeh)

Do you speak English?

Non parlo Italiano (no-n par-lo Itali-ano)

I don’t speak Italian

Arrivederci (Ahr-ree-veh-dehr-chee)


Mi chiamo (Mee kyaho-moh)

My name is

Come ti chiama (com-e ti chi-am)

What’s your name?

Non capisco (Non kah-pee-skoh)

I don’t understand

Piacre (Pyah-cheh-rh)

Pleased to meet you

Come Sta? (Koh-meh stah)

How are you?

Scusi (Skoo-zee)

Excuse me (When wanting to ask a question)

Permesso (Pehr-mehs-soh)

Excuse me (When you want to pass by)

Helpful Phrases When Dining Out

These Italian phrases will help you when eating out, from letting your server know you have a food allergy, to asking for the check.

Il menu, per favore (eel-men-oo, pehr fah-voh-reh)

Can I see the menu, please?

Sono allergica/o (Son-oh ah-ler-gee-koh)

I’m allergic to…

Che cosa ci consiglia? (Kay koh-za chee kon-sel-y)

What do you recommend?

Avete (Av-ay-te)

Do you have?

Un bicchiere (Oon beech-er-e)

A glass

Una forchetta (Oona for-kay-ta)

A fork

Un cucchiaio (Oon coo-ci-ayo)

A spoon

Sale (Sa-lay)


Pepe (Pe-pay)


Dolce (Dul-che)


Sono/a vegetariano/a (So-no/a vege-tari-ano/a)

I am vegetarian

Sono/a vegano/a (So-no/a vey-gan-o/a)

I am vegan

Il conto, per favore (Eel kon-toh, per fah-voh-red)

The check, please

Il bagno (eel ban-nyo)

The bathroom

Clarification Phrases/Asking for Directions

This short list should help you ask someone to repeat their statement, speak more slowly, or ask for simple directions like where the nearest train station is.

Può ripetere? (pu-ua re-pet-ere)

Could you repeat that?

Parlare più lentamente, per favore (po-tre-stay parl-aray pu-ua lenta-mente por favor-e)

Speak more slowly, please

Sinistra (Sini-stra)


Destra (Des-tra)


L’autobus (le auto-boos)

The bus

Dov'e (Doh-veh?)

Where is...?

Dov'e la stazione? (Doh-veh lah stah-tzee-oh-neh)

Where is the train station?

Un/due biglietto/i (Oon beel-yet-toh/tee)

One/two tickets

L’aereo (la-er-ayo)

The plane

L'aeroporto (la-ayro-porto)

The airport

In Case of Emergency



Chiami la polizia (kee-ya-mee la po-lee-zee-ah)

Call the police

Ho bisogno di un dottore(Ho biz-on-nyo dee oon dot-tor-reh)

I need a doctor

Mi sono persa (Mee so-no per-sa)

I'm lost

Non trovo il mio passaporto (no-n tro-vo il mio pasa-porto)

I can't find my passport

Per favore mi aiuti (per fav-ore mi ai-uti)

Please help me

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