Best Beaches in Bali

By Jessica Russo

Inhale, exhale. Relax - you're on island time!

Whether your ideal beach day involves sipping tropical cocktails and sunbathing or suiting up and surfing, Bali's breathtaking beaches offer something for everybody. Get ready for palm-lined shores, bright blue waters, and stunning backdrops of mountainous rainforests at these postcard-worthy beaches in Bali!

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Sanur Beach

Looking for a quiet, calm beach with vibrant village vibes? Boasting plenty of restaurants and shops in the area, Sanur makes for a perfect Balinese beach day. This is the ideal beach to take a long stroll, check out colorful fishing boats, and even swim out to a coral reef!

Padang Padang Beach

If this beach looks familiar, you've probably seen the hit film Eat Pray Love. Known locally as Labuan Sait, this famous beach serves as a surfer's paradise. Even if surfing isn't exactly your thing, Padang Padang offers a spectacular stretch of white sand, perfect for sunbathing or throwing a ball around. Don't worry about packing lunch; this beach offers a cute on-site cafe! Just like Kelingking, stairs are once again involved at Padang Padang. There are, however, not nearly as many and there's a cool rock cave entrance onto the sand!

Kelingking Beach

Two words: those views. Aside from making your Instagram followers super jealous, this picture-perfect beach is good for so much more. Follow the turquoise waters and white sand to secluded areas of tranquil beauty.

Bali's beauty, however, doesn't always come easy. We must warn you that the walk down to the beach takes around an hour, and is only secured by a bamboo railing. As long as you're patient and careful, it's worth the trek. And hey, a little exercise at the beach means more dessert later!

Suluban Beach

Immerse yourself in natural beauty as you explore what feels like a hidden pirate's cove: Suluban Beach. Nestled within sky-high cliffs and awe-inspiring limestone formations just north of Uluwatu, this unique beach is a feast for the eyes. While this bright blue beach may not be ideal for sunbathers, surfers and those looking to explore nearby reefs will be in their glory. If sunbathing is your ideal, visit Suluban during low tide; that way, the beach will be wider!

Nusa Dua

If you're looking for Bali's beautiful resort beach, head to Nusa Dua. Raved about by tourists and locals, this scenic coast is lined with luxury hotels, manicured gardens, and upmarket shops. There are also plenty of cultural attractions like temples and museums in the area. Whether you're on a family vacation or your honeymoon, Nusa Dua is the white sand oasis of your dreams.

Balangan Beach

This popular beach is an absolute stunner and must-visit when you travel to Bali. Nestled on the sparkling coast between Kuta and Uluwatu, Balangan Beach is like a real-life postcard. Watch the golden sand meet the bright blue ocean, as you wander through lush greenery and eye-widening limestone cliffs. Besides being absolutely gorgeous, Balangan makes our list of favorites because it is so easy to get to. Signs and directions are clearly marked, and there is a main entrance with a parking lot. Take tons of photos before you head down the short dozen steps to the sand!


Upscale and stylish, Seminyak is home to the island's finest resorts, boutiques, and restaurants. What makes for a better day than a sunny afternoon at the beach, followed by a sunset oceanfront dinner? Boasting laid-back party vibes that still feel relaxing, Seminyak is pure paradise.

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