5 Best Beaches in Colombia

By Soren Rivero

Interested in soaking up the sun on your Colombia vacation while enjoying some beach bliss? We’ve got you covered — here are five of the best beaches in Colombia!

Parque Tayrona

Also known as Tayrona National Park, this destination is a massive National Park that sits right on the edge of Northern Colombia. It’s well known for its immense amount of biodiversity, as well as the numerous ancient archaeological sites spread throughout the park, all of which were built decades ago by the Tayrona civilization.

There’s more than just wildlife and archaeological sites in this park. Parque Tayrona boasts over six beaches, a few coastal lagoons, and even a rainforest. You can choose to visit the highlights of the park in one day, or stay overnight at the park’s many resorts to explore more!

Playa Rodadero

Playa Rodadero is one of the most popular beaches in all of Colombia. This is mostly because of its location — only 15 minutes away from downtown Santa Marta, a heavily populated hotspot.

That being said, this beach isn’t just famous for its location! White sands and bright blue waters ornamented by palm trees makes this beach an incredible sight. The waves are fairly small too, which makes swimming ideal for all levels of beachgoers.

Manzanilla del Mar

Though the other beaches on this list tend to get pretty crowded, this next beach is known for being more peaceful!

Similar to Playa Rodadero, Manzanilla del Mar is just about 15 minutes away from a major tourist attraction: Old Town of Cartagena. Arguably the best thing about this beach is how expansive it is. It stretches well over a good distance, which makes it perfect for larger families. Kite flying is common here, so you’ll likely see tons of people flying their kites.


Guachalito sits right on the shore of the Pacific Ocean and is a cross between a jungle and a beach. Dozens of unique flora and fauna make this place their home, as well as dozens of indigenous species of animals. The waves are fairly large and the sand is soft, brown, and warm.

Visiting this beach will award you with an experience like none other — just be aware that it's inaccessible by car. Visitors must take a plane to Nuqui from Medellin, then a half-hour boat ride over.

La Boquilla

Beaches located near dense cities seem to be a popular trend. La Boquilla is no different, as it is located about 5 minutes from Old City in northern Cartagena.

This beach draws in tons of tourists and Colombians from other regions alike. Forunately, this beach almost never gets over-crowded. Kitesurfing is a common activity here and you can even take lessons for a pretty cheap price.

Be sure to visit these spectacular beaches on your next trip to Colombia!


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