Kings of the Urban Jungle: 8 Destinations Where Cats Rule

By Michelle Yastremsky

Picture this: enjoying a leisurely stroll through Rome’s ancient ruins, while a furry feline slinks his way slowly behind. Is he guiding your way? Or simply hoping you'll share that bag of treats hiding in your bag?

Here are 8 destinations where cats roam freely, turning regular cities into cat-ruled kingdoms.

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Torre Argentina (Roman Cat Sanctuary) • Rome, Italy

The site of Julius Caesar's last moments, now a cat sanctuary.
A former compound consisting of four ancient temples, as well as the famous portico of Pompey (upon whose steps Julius Caesar was killed), is now home to over 200 free-roaming cats! After you're done visiting the Colosseum the Pantheon, and Vatican City, Rome's famous cat sanctuary is a must-see.

Chefchaouen, Morocco

The purr-fect shade of blue.

You'll find cats dominating the streets in many of Morocco's cities and villages, however thanks to the leisurely pace of life in the famous blue city, you'll find the cats calm and more willing to play.

Meteora, Greece

From meowtains to monasteries.

The rock pillars of Meteora aren't just home to the famous monasteries that seem to float in the sky; here you'll also find an abundance of cats roaming about and relaxing under the Grecian sun.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Come see the cats of Croatian's capital city!

From ginger tabbies to cats winding down at the wharf, your vacation in Croatia is sure to be one feline-filled tale.

Tashirojima, Japan

Discover Japan's famous "Cat Island."

Local Japanese legend has it that cats represent luck and good fortune, especially to those who care for them. That's why it comes as no surprise that the cats roaming Japan's Cat Island are treated like royalty; the cats of the island are so welcoming that cat enthusiasts from all over the world have been flocking to this feline-filled destination!

Jerusalem, Israel

The sacred city...of cats.

Throughout the streets, ruins, and sacred sites, you'll encounter cats playing while protecting their territory.

Lanai Cat Sanctuary • Hawaii, USA

Home to more than 500 cats!

On an island off Hawaii's breathtaking coast exists a paradise for cats and cat fanatics alike!

Santorini, Greece

White-washed wonders... covered in fur?

Visitors making their way to Greece's most famous island are sure to be greeted by a round of "mews" coming from all corners of this breathtaking destination. See if you can pose with one of the local cats with the stunning Santorini caldera as your backdrop.

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