6 Colorful Sand Beaches From Iceland to Indonesia

By Michelle Yastremsky

If you thought turquoise waters were impressive, wait until you see the world’s most stunning colored sand beaches!

From the pink beaches of Crete to the haunting black sands of Vik, you won’t be able to resist dipping your toes in these sands.

Red Beach • Santorini, Greece

Extreme reds and deep blues.

Just a 10-minute walk from the ancient Minoan settlement of Akrotíri, the terrain of this picturesque coast can be attributed to the surrounding volcanic activity. Take advantage of the available snorkeling so you can get a view of the unique geology from below the surface.

Porto Ferro Beach • Sardinia, Italy

Orange sands, that's amore!

The unique sands of Sardinia’s Porto Ferro are actually a blend of crushed shells, volcanic deposits, and orange limestone. The tall sand dunes scattered throughout the beach make for a great lookout spot to absorb the beauty and colors from an elevated surface.

Reynishverf • Vik, Iceland

Black sand, white glaciers.

Wondrous ice caves, pristine geothermal spas, and glacial beaches with black sands... these are just a handful of natural wonders to be found in Iceland. Pay a visit to the volcanic sands of Vik during the typical aurora months (September-March) for a chance to experience this unique beach with the Northern Lights as a backdrop!

Pink Beach • Komodo, Indonesia

Pink sands, turquoise waters.

Enjoy postcard-worthy views at this pink sand beach, one of seven in the world. On the island of Komodo you’ll also find coral quays, quaint fishing villages and world’s largest living lizard - the Komodo dragon.

Porto Covo Beach • Alentejo, Portugal

Orange sands and sunsets!

Come for the burnt-orange sands of this Portugal beach and stay for the breathtaking orange sunsets in the evening. Large, rocky formations scattered throughout the beach allow for pockets of private and intimate beach areas if you’re looking to escape the crowds.

Elafonissi Pink Sand Beach • Crete, Greece

A pastel dream.

When the tide is low, take a walk through the water from Crete to the tiny island of Elafonissi, where you can enjoy pink sands and waters straight out of a dream.

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