10 of the World's Coolest Places to Swim

By Michelle Yastremsky

From beaches with colorful sands to natural plunge pools to hot tubs filled with red wine, the world is overflowing with cool places to go for a dip.

Turn your next swim session into an adventure by diving (or sliding into) one of these amazing destinations - don't forget your towel!

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Blue Lagoon • Iceland

Feel the heat in this cool spa

The geothermal Blue Lagoon is one of Iceland’s most visited and famous attractions – it’s not hard to see why! Grab a mud mask and melt your troubles away before embarking on a hunt for the famous Northern Lights.

Tolantongo Caves • Mexico

Cliff-side views in a swimming cave

Surrounded by volcanic mountains, these natural hot springs are actually carved into a Mexican cliffside!

Natural Plunge Pools • Colombia

Slide on in

Cool down in Colombia with a dip in the natural plunge pools of Quebrada las Gachas! The shallow river flows over the rocks into wells of water just waiting to be slid into.

Pamukkale Thermal Pools • Turkey

Unwind in the thermal terraces

The word Pamukkale translates to "cotton castle," a fitting name for these cascading mineral-rich natural hot pools.

Llanos de Cortes • Costa Rica

Fall in love with this perfect swim site

Enjoy views of this amazing waterfall while splashing about. The best part? There is no admission fee to swim here; instead, all donations go directly to the local school, Escuela de Llanos del Cortes.

Giola Natural Pool • Greece

Swim with the sirens

The Aegean Sea fills the waters of this natural lagoon, located on the island of Thassos. Thassos is home to the Sirens of Greek mythology, but don't worry - you can still safely enjoy a swim here.

Ik Kil Cave Pool • Mexico

Chichen Itza and chill

Located a short distance from Chichen Itza, this deep natural pit offers relaxing swimming, with light peaking through from its natural skylight.

Dead Sea • Israel

Float your way to fun

Okay, you can't actually swim in the dead sea, but you can float! In fact, it's possible to cross country borders and float all the way from Israel to Jordan, hope that passport is waterproof.

The Devil's Pool • Zimbabwe

World's most dangerous swim site

Planning a trip to Victoria Falls? Those looking to life on the edge may want to plan a trip to the Devil's Pool, located on the edge of the famous Falls.

Buracao Falls • Brazil

Breathtaking beauty in Brazil

Navigate through narrow canyons until you reach the showstopper of the swimming journey: the majestic Buracao Falls.

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