Country Dreams: Iceland

By Michelle Yastremsky

Volcanoes, geothermal lagoons, northern lights, cotton-candy colored valleys…there’s no land in the world quite like Iceland. You may not be there (yet), but you can still escape to Iceland by becoming immersed in their one-of-a-kind culture. Here are a selection of books, songs, and movies to help whisk you away.

Music of Iceland


Bjork is one of few performers who have achieved worldwide success. Enjoy a sample of her chilling vocals and avant-garde stylings.

Of Monsters and Men

Iceland’s indie rock scene is one worth taking note of! Reykjavik success Of Mice and Men have also made it onto global charts.

Icelandic Folk Music

Follow along as the singers of this Iceland Folk Song share stories of elves, adventure, and loss.

Sounds of Iceland

What if you could hear the sound of a country? The rush of the waterfall hitting the river, the hooves of a horse stomping on the ground, the hum of the fishing boats drifting slowly out to sea. Hear it before you see it with this hypnotizing compilation of the sounds of Iceland.

Movies of Iceland

Hollywood Hits

From massive glaciers to desolate lands, Iceland’s wild terrain is the perfect backdrop to a number of Hollywood hits, including Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, James Bond: Die Another Day, and Batman Begins. Game of Thrones fans are also sure to recognize a number of Iceland’s landmarks from various episodes, including those that take place “North of the wall!”

Local Contendors

Icelandic horses are just as unique as the country they reside in. Get well acquainted with this local wildlife while enjoying the prize-winning drama Of Horses and Men.

(Un)Required Reading: Literature of Iceland

Brush up on your Icelandic knowledge with a deep dive into this assortment of books.

The Little Book of the Hidden People

Iceland has elves and hidden people – it’s true! Or at least, they claim it is. Brush up on your Icelandic folklore with this conveniently-sized book.

The Little Book of Tourists in Iceland: Tips, tricks, and What the Icelanders Really Think of You

Where should you go? How can you get the best prices? What’s the history of the landmark you are standing in front of? Answer these questions and more with this handy companion.

Homestyle Icelandic Cooking for American Kitchens

Bring a taste of Iceland to your own kitchen! This collection of 25 traditional Icelandic recipes is sure to amp you up for your trip beforehand, as well as keep the fun going long after you’ve returned.

Halldor Laxness

Dive into a book by one of Iceland’s most favorite writers – Halldor Laxness. Popular works include Independent People, The Fish Can Sing, and Iceland’s Bell.

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