Country Dreams: Italy

By Jessica Russo

Ahhh, Italy - the dreamlike land of cascading candy-colored houses, mountainous seascapes, medieval cities, and endless pizza, pasta, and gelato. Check out these books, movies, and songs that will give you the flutters of excitement about traveling to Italy.

Dante's Reading List

Whether you're an avid reader or you haven't picked up a book in years, you won't be able to put down these books about Italy's fascinating history, culture, and cuisine.

Songs that'll make you feel like you're riding a gondola in Venice

Immerse yourself in romance and dance to the sounds of Italy. From energetic pop to powerful operas, hear the sounds of this spectacular country.

Andrea Bocelli - Por ti volare

Laura Pausini - Viveme

Luciano Pavarotti - O Sole Mio

Baby K - Voglio ballare con te

Movies that capture La Dolce Vita

What better way to get excited about Italy than to watch movies that make you feel like you're actually there? Take a break from packing and make some popcorn - enjoy a relaxing movie night!

Cinema Paradiso, starring Salvatore Cascio

Life is Beautiful

Under the Tuscan Sun, starring Diane Lane

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