10 of the World's Most Dramatic Sea Cliffs

By Michelle Yastremsky

Vertical sea cliffs provide some of the most breathtaking vantage points paired with that exhilarating “end-of-the-world” feeling.

From the breathtaking Cliffs of Moher in Ireland to the world’s highest cliffs at Australia’s Mitre Peak, these cliffs will transport you to a world straight out of a postcard, where all that surrounds you is the majestic beauty of the endless sea.

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Vestmannabjørgini • Vestmanna, Faroe Islands

Boat tours & bird watching!

Home to some of the most elusive species of birds, a boat tour to these towering cliffs are one of the many highlights found on the Faroe Islands. See if you can spot a puffin or guillemot!

Cliffs of Moher • County Clare, Ireland

Home to over 20 different species of birds!

These stunning seacliffs see almost one million visitors each year, and it’s not hard to see why! Explorers to these coastal cliffs will want to also explore the nearby Burren area, a territory filled with glacial-era limestone and prehistoric fossils just waiting to be discovered.

White Cliffs of Dover • Dover, England

White-washed wonder!

Formed almost half a millennia ago by ice-age floods, the White Cliffs of Dover are one of the most recognizable cliffs thanks to their color. It’s said that on a clear day, the cliffs are even visible from as far as the French coast!.

Sea Cliffs of Étretat • Étretat, France

Take a photo in the natural archways!

These white cliffs and natural rock arches found in the Normandy region of France provide picturesque views of the Atlantic Ocean. Thrill seekers can take advantage of the constant wind chill by partaking in some air gliding or water sports!

Paracas Sea Cliffs • Paracas, Peru

Where the desert meets the sea.

In Paracas National Park, you’ll stumble upon another cliff worth hiking up to. While the cliffs are over flooded with birds, on the surrounding beach you’ll find an overabundance of sea lions, making this the perfect outing for those looking to spot some elusive wildlife!

Cliffs of Los Gigantes • Tenerife, Spain

Translates to “Cliffs of the Giants.”

Created by an ancient volcano, these cliffs tower over the nearby beaches, creating awe-inspiring views both from above and below.

Mitre Peak • New Zealand

World’s highest sea cliff.

Rising vertically to 5,560 feet, this peak is one of the hardest to climb, but those who venture to the top are rewarded with idyllic, once-in-a-lifetime views.

Slieve League Cliffs • County Donegal, Ireland

A former Christian pilgrimage site.

The Cliffs of Moher may be Ireland’s most visited cliffs, but Donegal’s Slieve League Cliffs are actually almost three times as high at 1,972 feet. If you choose to hike over to the cliffs, you will even pass the remains of an early Christian Monastery!

Hornelen • Fjordane county, Norway

Northern Europe’s highest sea cliffs.

Those with a fear of heights will want to avoid a look down the steep edge of Hornelen, which reaches a height of over 2,800 feet above sea level! If possible, treat yourself to a boat ride to truly appreciate this wonder from below.

Preikestolen • Rogaland County, Norway

Also known as Pulpit Rock.

Reaching the top of this cliff requires a more physically-intensive hike than some others mentioned on this list, but views at this unfenced and undisturbed landmark make the struggle worth it.

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