Europe’s Coolest City Parks

Nestled within the world's most powerful capital cities are the world's greatest parks.

You'll see locals going for their daily jog or a group of children playing in a fountain that has stood there for hundreds of years. Enjoy the street performers trying to make a living and get a few smiles at the same time. Find a picturesque beer garden that'll give you a good buzz.

These are our favorite city parks.

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Park Güell • Barcelona, Spain

One of Antonio Gaudi's many UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

This colorful park is made up of mosaic tiles and an eclectic style. Placed in the middle of a cosmopolitan metropolis like Barcelona, Antonio Gaudi incorporated many symbols of Catalan nationalism into this park. Don't miss the mosaic salamander at the main entrance known as "el drac"!

Keukenhof Lisse • Amsterdam, Netherlands

Admire Amsterdam's multi-colored spring flowers.

This seasonal park is open from March to May. During that time you'll find floods of people exploring the beautiful sea of flowers! These gardens are wonderful in the warm weather, providing tourists and locals alike with some truly Instagram worthy photo opportunities.

Englischer Garten • Munich, Germany

One of the largest urban parks in the world.

This 18th century park rivals the best in the world and attracts both locals and tourists. Relax in the meadows of lush grass, watch the cyclists and runners go by or stop in for a pint at the Seehaus beer garden.

Mirabell Gardens • Salzburg, Austria

'Mirabell' translates to 'admirable' and 'beautiful'.

Admire the Schloss Mirabell, a unique jewel within this expansive and iconic UNESCO World Heritage Site. You'll be very impressed by the cultural significance the palace has and the beauty the gardens themselves exude. The name 'Mirabell' is quite fitting for these gardens in Salzburg!

Hyde Park • London, England

One of the Royal Parks of London.

Covering over 350 acres, Hyde Park is made up of over 4,000 trees, a lake, meadow, gardens, restaurants and fountains. You'll find boating, skating, tennis, horse riding and children playing. One of the most beautiful aspects of this park is the Diana Memorial Fountain in honor of Princess Diana.

Tiergarten Park • Berlin, Germany

Visit the Teehaus within this city park!

Within Berlin's historic city streets you'll find this massive park complete with a zoo, playgrounds, soccer fields, cyclists, picnics and more! The Teehaus is a great outdoor beer garden where you and some friends can relax with a pint and plan out your next few days in Berlin!

Letná Park • Prague, Czech Republic

Looking for the best views in Prague?

The steps up to the top of Letná hill may tire you out a bit but once you arrive, you will agree that the trek is totally worth it. Letná Park has a restaurant, a bar, a skate park, the famous Metronome and more. Pack a picnic and come up here to watch the world go by as you learn more about the Czech Republic.

Crystal Palace Gardens • Porto, Portugal

Explore 20 miles of romantic gardens.

Set in Porto's city center, these 19th century gardens were designed around the Crystal Palace. You'll enjoy the panoramic views over the Douro River and the entire city of Porto from strategically placed viewpoints.

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