10 Free Things to do in Prague

By Soren Rivero

Public artworks, fascinating city views, historical castles… these are just a few free things to do in Prague.

As the capital of the Czech Republic, this bustling city offers tourists an enormous variety of exciting adventures – including things that are budget-friendly! Want to know some cool tricks to save money in Prague? Continue reading to learn 10 free things to do in Prague!

1. Astronomical Clock

About the Astronomical Clock:

Ask any Prague local or past tourist and you’ll hear nothing but good things about the Astronomical Clock. By far, this is probably the best free thing to do in Prague. This fascinating work of engineering was first implemented in the 15th century and looks like something from a fantasy film.

Key features:

You’ll first notice the Astronomical Dial when visiting. This feature is quite complex as it shows 24-hour time, ancient Bohemian time, position on the earth, Sidereal Time, moon phases, and zodiac positioning. Second, there is a Calendar Dial at the bottom which shows the crest of Old Town Prague surrounded by the 12 zodiac signs. Finally, there are 12 rotating apostle statues and four ‘life’ figurines that put on a show every hour.

When to go:

When is the best time to see the Astronomical Clock? Anytime, really. This popular free thing to do in Prague is open 24/7. But you’ll definitely want to stop by during the “Walk of the Apostles” show and the chime ringing, both happening once every hour.

2. Petřín Hill

About Petřín Hill:

When it comes to how to save money when visiting Prague, you can’t miss out on ‘spending’ time in the great outdoors! Petřín Hill is notable for its gorgeous secluded gardens and easy-to-walk trails.

Key features:

At the top of the hill is the Petřín Tower, which some say looks like a pseudo-Eiffel Tower. Other nearby attractions such as the Hunger Wall and Štefánik Observatory make this a good choice for free things to do in Prague with kids.

When to go:

You’ll want to take the walk up Petřín Hill (about 30-40 mins) whenever the weather permits, though the best times would be spring or early summer. You can also visit during winter to avoid the bigger crowds, just be prepared to endure the cold. Don’t want to walk? Take the funicular railway for a small fee, or even free if you have a valid rail pass.

3. Charles Bridge

About Charles Bridge:

Did you know that up until about 1870, Charles Bridge was the only way for people in the Czech Republic to cross the Vltava River? Built in 1357 by Charles IV, this is one of the only standing medieval bridges in the entire world. Be sure to put this iconic monument at the top of your to-visit list as it's one of the best things to do in Prague.

Key features:

Around 30 intricate statues line the walkway; Each of these represent an important figure in Czech history, be they entrepreneurs or nobles. The spires and domes also make for great backgrounds for mini photoshoots. Simply walking the cobblestone bridge is an experience in itself.

When to go:

Charles Bridge can either be walked during the day or night. Early morning is the best time to visit Charles Bridge if you want to avoid crowds. You’ll also get a shot at buying souvenirs and food from merchants along the way. Peak crowd times are around noon. Walking the bridge at night, you’ll also see lesser crowds.

4. Lennon Wall

About the Lennon Wall:

Imagine being so famous and inspirational that you’d get a whole wall in a world-famous city dedicated just to you. Now that’s definitely more memorable than a Grammy. Lennon Wall sounds just as it is: a wall dedicated to the Beatles’ band member, John Lennon, whose lyrics and political activism inspired many people when the Czech Republic was under communist rule.

Key features:

Beatles’ lyrics and images of John Lennon make this wall super attractive. The wall is pretty much covered in graffiti nowadays, but most of it is in relation to Lennon himself.

When to go:

Gazing at Lennon Wall takes little to no effort. This free thing to do in Prague can be easily combined with other items in your itinerary, especially if you’re taking a tour. Lennon Wall is just a few minutes away from Charles Bridge, so you can visit both of them all in one go.

5. Prague Castle Grounds

About the Prague Castle:

A complex castle featuring over 700 rooms, the Prague Castle is the largest castle in Europe. As interesting as that is, it gets even better! This mammoth of an architectural masterpiece was built all the way back in the 9th century. The castle was home to an array of important noble and sacred figures throughout the early ages. Included were the head of the state, kings, princes, and the Prague bishop.

Key features:

Exploring the interior of the castle costs a fee and can take up to an entire day, but can be done easily with the help of an audio guide. The grounds and exterior gardens are free to roam around, however. Nearby cafes and restaurants provide places to rest as well as soak in the scenery from afar.

When to go:

Prague Castle is open seven days a week, from 6 AM - 10 PM. The interior castle opens up at 9 AM and is when you’ll likely see the smallest crowds. Avoid visiting during the afternoon, as it can be quite busy. Instead, walk around the grounds early in the morning and either enter the castle once it opens or stop at a cafe once the crowds start piling in.

6. Attend Live Music Performances

About Live Events:

Prague’s walkable and incredible outdoor areas attract dozens of people to spend time out in the streets. A few people in the crowd might have a passion for music, looking for the perfect place to set the stage for free performances. You can always look for pre-determined venues for live performances. Though, catching a live music performance by a local musician is one of the best things to do in Prague on a budget.

Key features:

You can find live music just about anywhere in Prague, as the streets are usually bustling with musicians. You'll hear everything from jazz to classical and pop music, creating a beautiful melting pot of sounds.

Where to go:

Keep an ear open while walking around Prague’s lively streets, as you're sure to hear tons of live music. Some of the best places to hear free live music in Prague are around Charles Bridge during the afternoon and evening, as well as Old Town Square.

7. Čertovka & Kampa Island

About Čertovka:

Čertovka is a manmade channel in Prague that runs through a small section of the Prague 1 district. The channel connects one part of the Vltava River to another, which has resulted in the making of an artificial island named Kampa in the middle of Prague. Oh, by the way, Čertovka translates to Devil’s Stream in English!

Key features:

Merely getting the chance to admire the man-made channel is itself an amazing experience. But to get the most fun out of this popular free thing to do in Prague, you’ll want to visit the island of Kampa.

There are a couple of unique attractions on the island, one being the aforementioned Lennon Wall. There’s also the Museum Kampa, which hosts a variety of European artwork and other displays. One of Devil’s Stream’s only remaining power wheels, The Grand Priory Mill Wheel, is a fascinating display of history and is visible from a cafe near the canal. You can take a boat ride through Devil’s Stream, but it costs a small fee. Otherwise, check out the haunting David Černý's Giant Crawling Babies display if you’re looking for cheap things to do in Prague.

When to go:

Visiting Kampa Island is best done in a day’s worth of time or at least a few hours. You can start early to catch all the attractions or opt to visit in the evening for gorgeous views of Devil’s Stream. You can get to Kampa by crossing the Charles Bridge from Old Town towards Lesser Town. This is just one of the many free things to do in Prague with family.

8. Free Walking Tours

About Prague's Walking Tours:

Prague is a very popular vacation destination. During peak travel seasons (summer and winter), expect to see large crowds of people in the city. Luckily, this means that local businesses have started to cater specifically to visitors. One of the best results of which have been free walking tours.

Key Features

While these tours might not be as comprehensive as you'd like, they're still a fantastic way to get more acquainted with the city. This is also a great opportunity to ask the tour guide (and other guests taking the tour) about more free things to do in Prague.

Where to go:

There are quite a few free walking tours in Prague scattered throughout the city. You’ll mostly find them in the most popular places in Prague. Namely New Town, Old Town, Charles Bridge, and around the Prague Castle Grounds.

9. Náplavka Farmer’s Market

About Náplavka Farmer’s Market:

You can start the perfect weekend in Prague by visiting the Náplavka Farmer’s Market. This market is fully open to the public and features an enormous variety of local vendors. You can simply browse, taste samples, admire crafts, and meet locals. It’s one of the easiest free things to do in Prague. Don’t feel bad if you’re tempted to spend a little bit of your travel budget here; You’ll be supporting local artisans and farmers, which is always worth it.

Key Features:

As one of the first farmer's markets in the country, Náplavka Farmer’s Market is definitely worth visiting. It boasts a central location in Prague 10, very close to a tram station. It's the perfect place to try traditional food and view local crafts.

When to go:

Náplavka Farmer’s Market is only open on Saturdays from 8AM - 2PM. It’s located near the edge of the Vltava River in Náplavka.

10. Vojanovy Sady Park

About Vojanovy Sady Park:

Vojanovy Sady Park is probably the best place to get an escape from all the crowds in Prague. The park is as serene as it is beautiful. Plentiful trees and well-trimmed grass fill the park, while spacious walkways and wooden benches make it even better for quiet retreats in the outdoors.

Key Features:

Definitely be prepared to take a few stops while walking through the park. The serenity makes it a perfect place to get away from all the noise of a popular city. While you’re there, you might even spot a few peacocks! These lovely creatures claim Vojanovy Sady Park as their home and freely roam around.

When to go:

Vojanovy Sady Park is open every day of the week from 8 AM to 4 PM. You’re free to go at any time you see fit.

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