You Can’t Spell Funicular Without FUN

By Michelle Yastremsky

Slopes, slants, hills, twists, and turns – there’s only one type of train that can navigate through some of the world’s most complex landscapes: funiculars!

Join us as we go beyond the rail tracks and embark on a photo journey to 10 of the world’s most exhilarating and scenic cable railroad paths.

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Lisbon, Portugal

Historic ride through "The City of Seven Hills!"

Portugal’s vibrant capital has not one, but three separate funiculars throughout, helping explorers arrive at places high above their reach.

Fløibanen • Bergen, Norway

From the city to the mountaintops.

Enjoy sweeping views of Bergen while making your way to the tip of Mount Fløyei in Norway.

Budavári Sikló • Budapest, Hungary

Castle Hill is calling!

Feel like royalty in Hungary when you take a ride on Budapest’s iconic 19th-century funicular, all the way from Chain Bridge to Buda Castle!

Funicular dos Guindais • Porto, Portugal

From the cliffs to the quay.

After opening in 1891, then closing in 1893, this cable rail road remained closed for over a century - until its official reopening in February 2004.

Reichenbach Funicular • Reichenbach, Switzerland

Ride the wooden wagon to the waterfall!

Operating since 1899, the ride on this scenic path takes you up to the base of a rapid 394-foot waterfall. From the top, you can even see the spot where Sherlock Holmes and his arch nemesis Moriarty battled until both of their demises.

The Duquesne Incline • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States

Scale Mt. Washington!

Be treated to sweeping views of Pittsburgh when you take this famous funicular - which sits at a 30 degree angle - to the top.

Mondovì Funicular • Piedmont, Italy

Connecting two parts of the city.

Explore the different centers and squares of the city of Mondovi - most of which are scattered throughout several levels of the city.

Funicular de Sant Joan • Montserrat, Spain

Visit a monastery hiding in the mountaintops.

Those planning a Barcelona vacation will want to leave some time to hop on the funicular to visit the nearby monastic village of Montserrat – enjoy the view on the way up!

Zagreb Funicular • Zagreb, Croatia

Record-holding cable car railway!

This iconic funicular holds not one, but three records! This Zagreb staple is not only the city's oldest form of public transportation, but is also the world's safest public transportation, and, at 216 feet - the shortest funicular ride in the world!

Saltburn Cliff Lift • Saltburn-by-the-Sea, England

World’s oldest operating water-balance cliff lift!

Be transported through time on your way to these coastal cliffs with a ride on this Victorian-era cliff lift!

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