Helpful Spanish Phrases for Travelers in Spain

By Dana Perkiss

Learning some basics of a language is incredibly helpful whenever you travel, as it not only helps you communicate with the locals but also honors the culture of the destination. Even learning a few words and phrases can make any vacation easier! To help you out, here are some essential basic Spanish phrases for your next trip to Spain.

Greetings and other basic Spanish phrases:

¡Buenos días! (bweh-nos dee-ahs)

Good morning!

¡Buenas tardes! (bweh-nahs tar-dehs)

Good afternoon!

¡Buenas noches! (bweh-nahs noh-chehs)

Good evening!

¡Hola! (oh-lah)


¡Adiós! (a-dyos)


¿Cómo estás? (ko-mo es-tas)

How are you?

¡Bien, gracias! (bee-ehn gra-thee-as)

Good, thank you!

¡Por favor! (pohr fah-vohr)


Gracias (grah-thee-ahs)

Thank you.

De nada (de-na-da)

No problem.

Perdón (per-dohn)


¿Cómo te llamas? (coh-moh teh yah-mah)

What’s your name?

Me llamo... (meh yah-moh)

My name is…

Soy de Estados Unidos/ “x” (soy deh ehs-tah-dohs oo-new-dohs)

I’m from the United States (or other area)

Estoy de vacaciones (ehs-toy deh bah-kah-thee-ohnes)

I’m on vacation.

¿Hablas inglés? (ah-blahs een-glehs?)

Do you speak English?

No hablo Español. (no ah-bloh ehs-pah-nyohl)

I don’t speak Spanish.*
* Some Spaniards may use ‘castellano’ (kas-teh-YAno) as that is the official term of Spanish in Spain. Most people recognize what you mean by “español” as the two are fairly interchangeable, but it is a good idea to keep both in mind.

¿Cuánto cuesta? (kwahn-toh kwehs-tah?)

How much does it cost?

¿Qué hora es? (keh ohr-ah ess?)

What time is it?

¿Dónde está...? (dohn-des-tah)

Where is…?

Mucho gusto (moo-choh goos-toh)

Nice to meet you

Claro (klah-ttoh)

Sure / Of course

Yo entiendo / No entiendo (yoh ehn-tee-ehn-doh) / (yoh noh ehn-tee-ehn-doh)

I understand / I don’t understand

¡Salud! (sah-LOO)


Un baño (ba-no)

A bathroom

Basic Directions and Transportation:

A la derecha (ah lah deh-reh-chah)

To the right

A la izquierda (ah lah ees-kyerh-dah)

To the left

Derecho (deh-reh-choh)

Straight ahead

El aeropuerto (aero-puerto)

The airport

La estación de trene (es-tacion-de-tren)

The train station

Restaurant Phrases:

Una mesa (oo-nah meh-sah)

A table

Una entrada (oo-nah ehn-trah-dah)

An appetizer

Un postre (oo-nah pohs-treh)


Una bebida (oo-nah beh-bee-dah)

A drink

Agua (AH-gwah)


Vino tinto / Vino blanco (bee-noh teen-toh) / (bee-noh blahn-koh)

Red wine / White wine

Cerveza (sehr-beh-sah)


Un café (oon kah-feh)


La cuenta (lah kwehn-tah)

The check

Yo soy vegetariano/a (ve-he-ta-riano/a)

I’m a vegetarian.

Soy alérgica a... (soy a-lehr-hi-kah a)

I’m allergic to…

When ordering food/drink:

Un..., por favor. (oon... pour fah-bour)

A..., please. Polite request

Yo quiero / Yo no quiero (yoh kee-eh-roh) / (yoh noh kee-eh-roh)

I want / I don’t want. Casual form only used when ordering at restaurants

Con / sin (kohn / seen)

With / without

* Note that while Spanish is used in many countries, this guide is specifically for Spain as pronunciation, grammar, and more changes between Spanish-speaking countries. Additionally, there are different regional languages within Spain itself, but about 94% of the population in Spain speak Spanish.
Now that you know some basic Spanish phrases, are you ready to book a vacation in Spain?


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