How to Take the Perfect Vacation Photo

By Michelle Yastremsky

If you didn't take a photo, did you even go on vacation? Take your vacation photos to the next level with these eight simple tips - no fancy cameras (or selfie sticks) required!

The Scenery is the Subject

The people in the photo are important, but it's the scenery and setting that makes the photo extra special. Take a step back and zoom out to get as much of the surrounding as possible - you can always zoom back in later!

Discover Secret Scenic Spots

Of course you want to take a photo in front of the Colosseum, but for that photo you’ll want to share on Instagram, find a secluded spot with views of that special landmark. (Hint: find a nearby restaurant rooftop or ask a local for a recommendation.) It’s clear you’re in Rome, while being treated to stunning views of the city below.

Invest in a Remote Clicker

Rather than waiting for a friendly local to take your group photo, whip out a remote clicker and strike a pose! Nearby rocks can be used as a tripod, but take extra care when leaving your equipment unattended around crowds.

Master the Capabilities of Your Smartphone

There are countless ways to improve your smartphone photography. From saving in HDR to color correcting features, brush up on them and get to shooting the scene!

Download Photo Editing Apps

Download phone applications that enhance your smartphone photography; make colors brighter, get rid of red eye, or even delete unwanted people in your photos with a few simple steps!

Keep it Candid

Sure, you need the occasional staged photo of your group standing arm-in-arm, but candid shots (such as ones laughing over dinner or being lost in the beauty of a work of art) make for the perfect photo.

Sunset Skies are the Perfect Background

Add some oomph to your photos by snapping them around sunset! The Eiffel Tower is stunning on its own, but becomes a masterpiece when surrounded by cotton-candy pinks and oranges that follow the sunset hour.

Avoid Peak Travel Times

One of the most frustrating obstacles of taking a vacation photo is all of the other tourists trying to do the same! Cut down on photo clutter and trying to find a secluded spot by researching the peak times of a destination...and planning around them.

Give Everyone a Chance to Play Photographer

Every traveler in your party will see the experience from a different lens (figuratively and literally). Let someone else play photographer every once-in-a-while - your photo album is sure to have a lot more variety.

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