Top 12 Most Instagrammable Cities

By Jessica Russo

We all go on vacation for fun, adventure, and thrill, but let's be honest with ourselves - we also like to make our friends jealous.

While Rome, London, and Paris will always promise classically beautiful photos, these 12 unique cities will make your followers stop scrolling and inspire future vacation ideas.

Cartagena, Colombia

A colonial city of color, culture, and cobblestone streets

Walk through Cartagena's UNESCO-protected Old Town and get lost in its bright buildings, quaint cafes, and amazing architecture. Look up and see leafy vines and vibrant flowers cascading off charming balconies!

Cape Town, South Africa

Sparkling beaches, soaring mountains, and oh-so-cute wildlife

With jaw-dropping mountainous landscapes and deep blue waters, it'll be hard to stop snapping away on your camera, but, be sure to save some photos for Cape Town's most adorable residents - African Penguins! It's always picture day for these little guys, and they're always ready to strike a pose. Take a hike up Lion's Head or Table Mountain and snap some shots of unbeatable views.

Kyoto, Japan

A vibrant hub of culture and tradition

This unique city boasts the perfect blend of tranquil natural beauty and a bustling downtown. Take tons of foodie photos at local markets, then stand in awe of bright temples and landscapes that look straight out of fairytales.

Bruges, Belgium

A picture-book Medieval city

Mosey through Bruges' UNESCO-recognized historic town, then pose in-front of the city's charming canals. Snap some cool shots as the images of medieval buildings in Belgium become reflected onto the water below them.

Venice, Italy

A romantic rainbow of canals and cuisine

After you post a gorgeous photo of yourself riding a gondola down the Grand Canal, post another one of your mouthwatering bowl of pasta that you order at a charming outdoor cafe. You're allowed to double-post - you're on vacation!

Hoi An, Vietnam

An Old Town town ripe with color and tradition

Walk along the mango-yellow streets of this 200-year-old UNESCO World Heritage Site and admire the traditional wooden boats that float on the surrounding turquoise water. Try some famous Cao-lau from one of the city's countless food carts, then watch the streets become illuminated by brightly-lit lanterns come nightfall.

Chefchaouen, Morocco

Become immersed in blue!

We all know the phrase "paint the town red" - well, this town is *literally *painted blue! Nestled in Morocco's Rif Mountains, Chefchaouen is home to tons of markets, hiking trails, and a unique culinary scene. Feel your eyes widen as you look up, down, left, and right and see the different shades of blue that surround you. An amazing photo-op lies around each corner!

Sintra, Portugal

Fairytale forests and colorful castles

Yes, this place *really *does exist! This enchanted area lies less than twenty miles from Lisbon and boasts extraordinary castles, magical forests, and landscapes that look more like paintings than real life! Just one warning - as soon as you post photos of Sintra on Instagram, you'll have tons of people asking you for travel advice.

Lucerne, Switzerland

An artsy city with painting-like landscapes

Stroll through Medieval architecture, explore the city's 2-million-year-old glacier, and walk along the iconic Chapel Bridge - which also happens to be an art gallery! With postcard-worthy Mount Pilatus as your backdrop, it's impossible to capture anything less than a beautiful photo in Lucerne.

Kinsale, Ireland

Quaint and charming with a vibrant spirit

Head to County Cork and mosey through tons of adorable book stores, shops, and galleries as you explore this quintessentially Irish town. From its sparkling coastline and rugged landscape to its eye-catching bright storefronts and winding streets, Kinsale guarantees amazing photos that are sure to attract tons of "likes."

Jaipur, India

"The Pink City" - pretty pastels and amazing architecture

Stand in-front of towering architectural masterpieces and admire ornate detail everywhere you look. Gawk at massive stone palaces, then stroll through colorful street markets filled with spices, textiles, beads, and traditional clothing. You won't be able to believe that *you *actually took these photos - it had to have been a professional photographer!

Santorini, Greece

Sparkling beaches and priceless sunsets

Walking through Santorini is like walking through a real-life postcard. Feel surrounded by beautiful whitewashed homes that contrast beautifully against the blue sea. Stroll alongside donkeys, weave through stone streets, and feast your eyes on a once-in-a-lifetime bright orange sunset over the Aegean. Did someone say new profile picture?

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