7 Labyrinths You'll Want to Get Lost In

By Michelle Yastremsky

Legend has it that over 4,000 years ago, a larger-than-life maze was carved out of stone to house the half-human, half-bull Minotaur. From punishment to protection to practices of superstition, labyrinths have been an integral part of many cultures, and can be found throughout the world.

With their intricate forms and swirling complex of pathways and patterns, here are 7 mazes and labyrinths you’ll want to get lost in - who knows, you may even encounter a Minotaur still searching for his way out!

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Gardens of Château de Marqueyssac • Vézac, France

4 Miles around 54 acres!

A picturesque journey of twists and turns awaits those who wish to ascend upon the gardens of Marqueyssac – adventurers beware!

Alcazar of Segovia • Segovia, Spain

Get lost in this fairy tale setting.

A trip to the maze-like topiary gardens are the perfect ending to a day of exploring the breathtaking Alcazar of Segovia, which actually served as inspiration for Disney’s Cinderella!

Labyrinth of Buda Castle • Budapest, Hungary

Once a holding cell for Count Dracula.

Budapest’s Castle Hill is home to a dark secret: a labyrinth composed of eerie statutes as well as dreary and damp chambers. For a small entry fee, you can explore this sinister maze, including Dracula’s chamber and coffin.

Greenan Maze • County Wicklow, Ireland

Visit the farm, then get lost in the maze!

In the heart of the Emerald Isle’s Ancient East, you’ll find this Celtic Maze! Follow the stream trickling through to the pond in the center, or enjoy views from the viewing tower above.

Hampton Court Palace • London, England

England’s oldest surviving hedge maze!

Tales of adventurers getting lost in this maze have even made their way into literature. This modern maze even has an exhibit composed of audio fragments that change as visitors turn each corner.

Laberint Horta Gardens • Barcelona, Spain

750 meters of trimmed Cypress trees!

Along your stroll through this romantic garden maze you’ll encounter marble sculptures, Tuscan columns, and even replicas of Roman temples!

Masone Labyrinth • Parma, Itlay

World’s largest labyrinth!

Those with a taste for adventure will want to book a trip to Italy, to visit the world’s biggest maze, which opened in 2015. This star-shaped labyrinth is made up of 200,000 bamboo plants lining the sides, for the ultimate blend of natural beauty with man made planning.

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