24 Hours in Dublin

Nothing provides the perfect contrast of the warmth of an Irish welcome like a brisk day in their capital city! If you’ve only got a day to enjoy the friendly people and bustle of Dublin, be sure to hit all the best stops!

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Full Irish Breakfast

Stock up on energy for Ireland’s notoriously chilly days and indulge in a hearty Irish breakfast including eggs, bacon, sausage, black pudding (at least try a bite of it, you might like it!), and a fried tomato. You might saunter down to your hotels cafe if breakfast is included or pop in at a pub in the AM for the best greasy way to start the day. Stopping in at the Hairy Lemon provides perfect morning-after comfort food in a bar atmosphere, but Lovinspoon makes for a pleasant morning, especially with kids in tow. Sometimes breakfast also includes Ireland’s special brown bread. If you get the chance, be sure to give it a try!

Go for a stroll

Let breakfast sit for a spell and enjoy a walk through lush greenery filling, well, all of Ireland. But you’ll find some of the best park views in St. Stephen’s Green at the head of Grafton Street, Phoenix Park where you’ll find the president of Ireland’s house, Merrion Park sporting a racy statue of Oscar Wilde, and Dubh Linn Garden sprawling out behind Dublin Castle, which is also open to visit. The best part? Entry to all of these parks is free! So grab your umbrella, (you’ll never know when you’ll need it in the Emerald Isle), and enjoy your park of choice.


Live Music or Long-Dead Fossils

Bring a little life into your afternoon by stopping in at Temple Bar! Wander through live music, free-flowing beer, tasty bar snacks and perfect pub conversation. Those looking for a quieter afternoon could stroll through the National Museum of Ireland, which is free to enter, has three locations in Dublin specializing in archaeology, natural history, and decorative arts throughout the ages in Ireland, and offers a look back in time to mega fauna, bog preservation, ways of life and more.


It’s all too easy to find a pub serving up fish and chips in Dublin. You could opt for the classic staple, or you could seek out a pub that serves beef stew or tasty shepherd's pie. Nothing beats Ireland’s rain spells like a hot bowl of stew or pie.

Guinness Storehouse

If you know you’re going to be spending a day in Dublin, purchase tickets right away for the Guinness Storehouse. Tickets are discounted in advance, but you can still purchase them last minute, and everyone over the age of 18 gets a complimentary pint of fresh Guinness at the end of the tour! It should be on anyone’s list of activities while staying in Dublin.

Early Evening


Either wandering along storefronts down Grafton Street and enjoying the liveliness of street performers or perusing Trinity College’s knowing volumes on the search for the Book of Kells, Dublin is a city meant to be explored. Picking out the perfect souvenir while shopping or enjoying the serenity in the library at Trinity College or the city’s Chester Beatty Library is a wonderful way to wind down from the day’s excitement and rest a bit before the night really begins.


Pub Crawl

Prepare for a night of drinking in the city Guinness is famous in. Exploring local pubs with like local musicians bringing light and life to the night. Popular pubs like the Brazen Head and O’Donoghues draw in the crowds, but you’ll never be short on hole-in-the-wall pubs that may serve up better authentic food than the bigger chains. Those looking for a livelier atmosphere might find their fun in high energy clubs like Dicey’s Garden, though you’ll find longer wait times to get in and get drinks at these places.

Midnight Snack

If you’ve got late-night munchies, you only need to know two words: taco chips. Fries with seasoned chopped meat and gooey seasoned nacho cheese in a little takeaway container make for the perfect cap to a night of drinking out on the town. Quite a few local pubs and late night shops will sell them. Indulge!

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