8 of the World’s Most Scenic Coastal Towns & Villages

By Michelle Yastremsky

Charming white-washed buildings lining the port, pastel houses sloping down mountain sides - this is what dreams are made of. With a bit of planning and help with a rental car (or boat), these dreams can become a reality!

Here are 8 coastal towns and villages you’ll want to add to your vacation idea list. Which will you travel to first?

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Honfleur, France

Norman buildings lining the harbor.

Experience firsthand the Normandy village that inspired the likes of artists such as Claude Monet and Eguen Boudin. Normandy’s famous timber structures line the harbor for a truly serene setting.

Cobh, Ireland

Last port of call for the RMS Titanic!

A short drive from Ireland’s famous Blarney Stone, the colorful buildings sprinkled throughout this coastal village make it the perfect destination for a freshly-caught bite.

Manarola, Italy

Gem of the Cinque Terre!

Hidden among Cinque Terre’s picturesque villages and hiking trails is the village of Manraola, famous for its Sciaccetra wine and medieval relics. Enjoy views of the colorful buildings during the day, then be treated to views of the illuminated coast come dusk.

Santorini, Greece


Enjoy days spent walking through the white-washed streets of Santorini. Then in the evenings, head over to the island's most romantic village - Oia - to experience its world-famous sunsets.

Reine, Norway

Norway's most photographed village!

Red and white fisherman’s huts dot the shoreline in Norway’s most photographed village. Add Norway’s breathtaking fjords into the mix, and you’ve got a recipe for a truly breathtaking destination.

Siglufjordur, Iceland

Follow the fjord!

Until the 1940s, this picturesque fishing village was inaccessible by road. Today you can follow the path to this isolated destination; you’ll be greeted by the breathtaking fjord and Iceland’s picturesque mountain ranges as you make your way to this snowglobe-worthy village.

Cudillero, Spain

Quaint and colorful coastal splendor!

Tucked away on the wild Asturian coast you’ll find a tiny village sprinkled with colorful fishing boats, charming houses with colorful shutters, and local fisherman preparing for their next seafaring adventure.

Cua Van Fishing Village, Vietnam

Float the day away!

Think coastal villages are cool? How about floating ones? This floating village situated on a calm bay surrounded by mountains Vietnam’s Halong Bay is accessible only by boat, and gives you a glimpse of local life on the Halong Bay.

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