5 Schitt's Creek Film Locations to Visit in Canada

By Soren Rivero

Here are five Schitt's Creek film locations to visit in Canada!

Goodwood, Ontario

Did you know that Schitt’s Creek is a completely fictional town? The real-life location where everything takes place is the city of Goodwood, Ontario — just a few miles north of Toronto.

Simply taking a stroll around the city will make you feel like a TV character yourself. Explore around and see what easter eggs you can find, and don’t forget to take pictures!

Romni Goodwood

The Rose Apothecary, a fictional shop David Rose proudly opens for customers to buy local crafts, wines, and beauty items, was actually shot in a wool and yarn store called Romni Goodwood! It’s one of the only locations where people can actually go inside and take pictures. You can even purchase some yarn equipment and ask the employees for some secrets about the show.

Rattlesnake Point Conservation Park

Remember the heart-wrenching, super romantic scene with David standing before a valley of lush green trees, a rocky cliff, and Patrick down on one knee?

This spectacular scene was filmed at Rattlesnake Point Conservation Park, a popular hiking destination in Milton, Ontario. The hike up the hill where Patrick proposed to David is a famous spot, so grab your loved one for some romantic pictures or treat yourself to a solo photoshoot!

Rosebud Motel

This one may surprise fans, but you can visit the actual Rosebud Motel where the Rose family lived! In real life, it's named the Hockley Motel and is located in Mono, Ontario.

Before the sitcom, the space was used to house Canadian basketball recruits, but was closed off in 2014 for filming. The building is now on sale, and the current owner hopes the building becomes a Schitt’s Creek-themed motel — but until then, you can still go and feel like you're inside the show itself!

Bob’s Garage

Located not too far from Romni Goodwood, this bright, baby blue beauty will surely catch your eye.

Before the series aired, this warehouse was owned by Joe Toby who used the warehouse for his handyman projects. Now, Bob's Garage is one of the most iconic settings from Schitt’s Creek! Fans stop by every week to take pictures against the bright blue warehouse — an unforgettable memory to be made for fans of this highly-accredited show.

Visit these set locations on your next trip to Canada to feel like you're right inside Schitt’s Creek!


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