9 Spectacular Firework Displays Around the World

How do you transform an ordinary cityscape into an extraordinary display? With fireworks that dance in the night and illuminate the skyline.

While the first documented use of fireworks (as early as 200 B.C) were used in China to ward off mountain men, today fireworks have become a staple in observing our most joyous occasions - from welcoming the new year to celebrations of independence. Add these breathtaking firework displays from around the world as dazzling vacation ideas!

Barcelona, Spain

A song of water and fire.

You can catch a magical water show daily (depending on the season) at Barcelona’s famous Magic Fountain, but plan accordingly and you can catch an epic show of music, light, water and fireworks! This magnificent affair, called Piromusical, happens each year on the last day of the Merce Festival (usually held at the end of September).

Paris, France

The City of Lights!

Picture it: the grandiose Eiffel tower, blanketed by a spectacular display of lights. Turn this idea into reality on July 14th, when the city commemorates the beginning of the French Revolution, also known as Bastille Day!

Reykjavik, Iceland

A community affair.

Fireworks are illegal in Iceland… except for one occasion each year! On December 31, the ban is lifted and residents of Iceland celebrate lighting off their own firework display. The result is a beautifully chaotic, one-of-a-kind display made for the people, by the people.


Western Europe's warmest city ablaze.

Seville’s serene Plaza de España makes for the perfect setting for a festive explosion of color!

Venice, Italy

The Sinking City, illuminated.

Imagine a tranquil ride on a gondola, as you float through the water-laden streets of Venice and take in the fireworks above. Experience this for yourself during Festa del Redentore, held in Veniceevery year on the third Sunday in July.

London, England

Remember, remember the 5th of November

London hosts two extravagant fireworks display each year; one on New Year’s Eve and the other on November 5th (Guy Fawkes’ Day). The iconic landmarks of England’s capital city make for an awe-inspiring backdrop for this magnificent display of lights.

Pisa, Italy

Tuscany aglow!

Every year on June 16, Pisa honors its patron saint with a town festival called Luminara di san Ranieri. The city becomes illuminated with over 70,000 candles and of course – a fireworks show at the Old Citadel.

Prague, Czech Republic

Dazzling displays in Praha.

There’s no vision in the world quite like it: the largest ancient castle in the world against a backdrop of blazing fireworks. Head over to Prague on New Year’s Eve and experience this juxtaposition for yourself!

New York, United States

Red, white, and blue!

America’s tradition of lighting fireworks on Independence Day can be traced as far back as July 4th 1777, when the city of Philadelphia staged a celebration that included food, music and of course – fireworks.

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