The Best Bakeries in Paris

By Briana Seftel

So you’ve just landed in Paris, checked into your hotel, and tucked your pocket guide to French in your bag. What should you do first? The Eiffel Tower? Notre Dame? We have a better idea: head to a bakery! It’s no secret that Paris is food heaven, so what better way to experience the capital than through its food? Better yet, through its boulangeries and patisseries.

Whether you’re dreaming of the perfect croissant, the freshest baguette or the lightest macaron, we’ve searched - and eaten - far and wide to bring you the ten best bakeries in Paris. Save us a crumb, will you?

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Any mention of bread in Paris must include Poilâne, the Left Bank boulangerie opened in 1932 by Pierre Poilâne. This stalwart is world famous for its signature round loaf, made with stone-ground flour and baked in a wood oven located underneath the shop. Enjoying this bread by simply ripping off a huge chunk and devouring is as Parisian as it gets. Poilâne also makes excellent apple tarts and little shortbread cookies called Punitions or “punishments.” Let’s just say, it would be a punishment not to visit Poilâne in Paris. 8 Rue du Cherche-Midi, 75006 Paris, France

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Du Pain et des Idées

You won’t find any patisserie at this serious boulangerie, opened near Canal St. Martin by bread whisperer Christopher Vasseur. Mr. Vasseur makes all of his bread the traditional way, meaning it takes him seven hours to make a single baguette. Call it lunacy, call it genius, but never doubt that the bread at this shop isn’t delicious. Pick up a signature pain des amis or chocolate croissant and find a place to sit along the canal. You’ll look so Parisian someone may even stop you for directions. 34 Rue Yves Toudic, 75010 Paris, France

Photo via Instagram user @pierreherme

Pierre Hermé

Known as the father of modern French pastry, Pierre Hermé is synonymous with quality and sheer inventiveness. Follow the line out the door to this patisserie near the Church of Saint-Sulpice and be amazed at the selection of colorful macarons, elegant cakes, and smooth chocolates. A can’t-miss item is Hermé’s signature Ispahan, a delicate rose macaron filled with sweet rose and lychee cream and raspberries. Truly a symphony of flavors! 72 Rue Bonaparte, 75006 Paris, France

Photo via Instagram user @maisonladuree


It would be very remiss of us not to mention Ladurée, the famed patisserie credited with inventing the Parisian macaron in 1930. With locations around the world, no shop can quite measure the flagship on Rue Royale, which has more or less been in the same place since 1862. Order an array of their iconic bite-sized macarons, or find a table to enjoy a cup of tea or hot chocolate. This is the place to come if you really want to treat yourself. 75 avenue des Champs-Elysées, 75008 Paris, France

Photo via Instagram user @desgateauxetdupain

Des Gâteaux et du Pain

It’s all about the cakes and bread at this sleek shop in Montparnasse. Opened by Claire Damon, an alum of Pierre Hermé, the shop is neatly divided into crusty loaves of delicious bread and picture perfect cakes and pastries. The bread selection includes baguettes and focaccia, while on the pastry side, the baba au rhum and citrus cheesecake are almost too pretty to eat. Almost. 63 Boulevard Pasteur, 75015 Paris, France

Photo via Instagram user @yanncouvreur

Yann Couvreur

One of the newer bakeries on the scene, Yann Couvreur strays from tradition while still maintaining high quality and consistency. Located in the 11th arrondissement near Canal St. Martin, Yann Couvreur is one of the few bakeries in Paris with an open kitchen and tables to sit and enjoy your treats. Morning, noon or night, you’ll be amazed by its selection of delicious croissants and tarts on display including the luscious vanilla millefeuille, made to order. 137 Avenue Parmentier, 75010 Paris, France

Photo via Instagram user @boulangeriebo

Boulangerie Bo

If you’re looking for pastries that could pass as modern art masterpieces, look no further than Boulangerie Bo near Place de la Bastille. From the outside, this bakery looks like a super traditional place, but step inside and be mesmerized by the Japanese-inspired French confections. With unusual flavors like red bean paste and sanbokan, this isn’t your typical Parisian bakery - but the surprising flavors are sure to delight. 85bis Rue de Charenton, 75012 Paris, France

Photo via Instagram user @leclairdegenieofficiel

L’Eclair de Genie

A shop dedicated to eclairs? Mais oui! As its name suggests, the pride and joy of this tiny, jewel-like boutique in Le Marais is the eclair, a light-as-air, oblong cream-filled pastry. You’ll find eclairs far beyond the usual chocolate and vanilla, with flavors like yuzu and passionfruit raspberry. Take yours to go and enjoy it in the nearby Place de Vosges. There are currently six locations, with more in Gare du Nord and Galeries Lafayette. 14 Rue Pavée, 75004 Paris, France

Photo via Instagram user @tillasansone

Le Grenier Ă  Pain

Your hunt for the perfect baguette stops at Le Grenier à Pain, literally meaning “Loft of Bread.” A short walk from Gare Montparnasse, this bakery bakes simply divine baguettes, flaky croissants, glossy fruit tarts and more. Locations all over the city mean you can get your carb fix anytime, anywhere. 33 bis Rue Saint-Amand

Photo via Instagram user @auxmerveilleuxdefred

Aux Merveilleux de Fred

You’ll be saying délicieux after eating merveilleux! The specialty at this chain pastry shop in Paris is merveilleux, an originally Belgian treat consisting of two light meringues sandwiched between light whipped cream and covered in more cream. At Fred’s, these irresistible treats have shrunk to bite-sized beauties, making it absolutely impossible to eat just one. In addition to several locations in Paris and France, you can also find shops in New York, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and the U.K. 129 bis rue Saint Charles, 75015 Paris, France

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