The Most Cannabis-Friendly Cities in North America

By Dana Perkiss

If you’re looking to travel somewhere with an open cannabis culture, then you’re in luck – here are some of the most cannabis-friendly cities in North America!

Chicago, Illinois

Ah, the Windy City – famous for its lively jazz music, gangster history, and delicious Chicago-style deep dish pizza. This vibrant city has had marijuana legalized since 2020, with people 21 and over being able to legally possess, purchase, and consume marijuana products.

So cannabis-friendly is Chicago, that it’s even been granted the reputation of the “Weed Capital of the Midwest” with tons of cannabis shops being found throughout the city! While you can’t smoke in public, it shouldn’t be hard to find a dispensary. After getting your cannabis fix, you can feast on some iconic deep dish pizza, shop around the Magnificent Mile, or enjoy a truly high experience at 360 Chicago where you can observe the city from 1,000 feet above!

Las Vegas, Nevada

There’s no doubt that Las Vegas is rightfully nicknamed the “city that never sleeps,” with its vast amount of clubs, shows, and restaurants in the area. As such, it’s no surprise that recreational cannabis use has been legal since 2017 and the industry there has been booming ever since.

If you’re over 21, you can visit one of Las Vegas’ many dispensaries and legally purchase up to an ounce of marijuana, or an eighth-ounce of cannabis products like oil. You can even consume your cannabis in numerous licensed clubs, or visit the soon-to-open cannabis museum! As for the best things to do in Las Vegas, you can definitely check out the huge entertainment venue Area 15, visit the Mob Museum, and stroll through the beautiful Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens.

Vancouver, British Columbia

One of the most 420-friendly tourist destinations, both medicinal and recreational use of weed is legal in Vancouver for people 19 and over. There are some public spaces where it is legal to smoke or vape cannabis, including certain hotels which allow it.

On your Vancouver trip, check out the New Amsterdam Café for a stellar cannabis lounge/café experience or the laid back Cannabis Culture Lounge. As for what to do in Vancouver (other than toking up), visitors can stroll through the vast Vancouver’s Stanley Park, check out the unique shops around Gastown, or pay your respects at the impressive Dr. Sun Yat Sen Chinese gardens.

Seattle, Washington

Having legalized recreational cannabis way back in 2012, Seattle is definitely one of the most weed-friendly cities to visit. Adults over 21 can buy and possess up to an ounce of cannabis, 72 ounces of infused liquids, or 16 ounces of solid edible. While cannabis consumption is still illegal in public places, there are certain 420-friendly vacation rentals and hotels where visitors can toke up. Plus, there are over 500 dispensaries throughout the state of Washington, so you shouldn’t have a hard time finding high quality cannabis!

After enjoying your fill of cannabis in Seattle, be sure to enjoy the many things to do in the city! Meander around the lively Pioneer Square neighborhood, get a unique view of the city from the Space Needle, and take a ride on the Seattle Great Wheel on Pier 57.

Portland, Oregon

If you’re looking for the perfect place to puff, puff, pass, then travel to Portland! With the slogan “Keep Portland Weird” and having legalized recreational cannabis use in 2016, Portland is a go-to destination for those looking for weed-friendly travel.

Though you can’t consume cannabis in public, visitors can purchase up to two ounces of weed or 100 mg of edibles. Check out the Broadway Cannabis Market for a café/art gallery/ cannabis store type of vibe, or Tokeativity which features online and in-person events for the cannabis community.

Toronto, Ontario

Ontario in general is very open to recreational cannabis usage, and Toronto especially so. People over the age of 19 can legally purchase up to 30 grams (around one ounce) of recreational dried cannabis. You can’t smoke anywhere that cigarette smoke isn’t allowed, but you can consume weed in a private residence and certain public spaces.

There are tons of dispensaries throughout Toronto, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding one that suits your needs – some specialize in unique edibles, THC drinks, and more. Tokyo Smoke is one of the largest marijuana-dispensaries, with locations all over the city. Canvas is the first women-owned dispensary, while GreenPort is the first Black woman-owned cannabis company – both of which we highly recommend supporting! As for things to do in Toronto, it’s definitely a trippy experience to visit Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada or wander the trails of High Park.

Denver, Colorado

For a stellar cannabis-friendly trip, Colorado should be your go-to. Having legalized recreational marijuana use in 2012, the state has a booming cannabis industry. For those 21 and over, up to 2 ounces of cannabis is legal to possess, even for tourists.

Like most other cities, you can’t consume cannabis in public – however, there are lounges and cafés where you can blaze up. You can hang out at the lounge-like Coffee Joint, or experience pot-infused events with Urban Sanctuary's. Other things to do in Denver include strolling through the over 20-acres of plants at the Denver Botanic Gardens, visiting the iconic Red Rocks Part and Amphitheatre, and feasting your way through The Source food hall.

Los Angeles, California

The sunny city of Los Angeles is a hot-spot for many travelers, especially for those looking for a cannabis-friendly destination. Adults over 21 can legally possess up to one ounce of dried cannabis (or 8 grams of concentrated weed), but smoking in public is still illegal. Thankfully, there are dozens of dispensaries throughout the city for you to get your OG Kush and other favorite strains.

You can visit the Calma Dispensary for top brand cannabis, including Jay-Z’s first cannabis line! Sweet Flower is an upscale dispensary with multiple locations throughout the city and features an eclectic, diverse mix of cannabis brands. Once you’ve stocked up on your cannabis kick, experience the surplus of fun things to do in LA! Explore the over 4,000 acres of Griffith Park, see your favorite celebrities at the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and shop around the famous Sunset Strip!


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