The Most Instagrammable Spots in London

By Jessica Russo

Let's face it - you've always been a teeny-weeny bit jealous of your friends' travel photos. Sure, they fuel your wanderlust, but you're sick and tired of scrolling through Instagram and watching other people live out your dream-cations. Good news! It's your chance to make them jealous.

Snap your way through this sophisticated city and post pretty pics, galore! Watch your likes pour in as you pour yourself a spot of tea.

Notting Hill

Nothing says "trendy" like this posh neighborhood. Stroll down bohemian Portobello Road, lined with vintage shops, upscale boutiques, and quaint cafes. Then wander around the residential streets and admire endless addresses of colorful pastel-painted homes! Play photographer and experiment with different angles and filters to bring out the true beauty of this vibrant neighborhood.

Westminster Bridge & Big Ben

A walk along Westminster Bridge will make you feel like you're starring in a British movie. Think: red double-decker buses whizzing by, Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament right in-front of you, and the rushing River Thames below you. What gets more London than that?! Take tons of different photos and decide which one to post on Insta when you're back at your hotel.

Brick Lane

This artsy East London street is known for its plethora of yummy curry houses and authentic Indian restaurants. Grab a delicious bite to eat, then walk around and admire the area's unique street art! Poke your head into vintage shops and funky boutiques, then meander through cool outdoor markets. Wander into Shoreditch (the "Brooklyn of London"), where hip coffee shops and trendy bars line the streets. Make sure your phone is charged, because you'll want to take pictures of everything.

Millennium Bridge & St. Paul's Cathedral

This futuristic-looking pedestrian steel suspension bridge links Bankside with the City of London over the River Thames. The coolest part? While walking on it, St. Paul's Cathedral is in your direct line of sight! This creates a really unique perspective, and makes for an A+ photo.

The British Museum

Ahh, the British Museum. Nestled in the pretty area of Bloomsbury, this fascinating and free museum is one of London's most-visited sites. Learn all about history, art, and culture - and stand in awe of the beauty of the structure itself! This grand building, built in the mid-1700s, boasts beautiful old architecture on the outside, and an eclectic ancient-modern blend on the inside. Take note of how the museum's style changes, from its 18th-century gallery halls to its futuristic Great Court, which was redeveloped in 2001.

Camden Town

Famous for its buzzing market, Camden Town is its own little haven of punk culture, live music clubs, innovative fashion, and vibrant nightlife. When you step into this funky neighborhood, you'll immediately become overwhelmed by bright colors, street art, sculptures, and outdoor vendors. There is so much to document in Camden, this Insta post may require several scroll-through photos.

London Eye

Here's your chance to snap those "amazing-view-of-the-whole-city" photos! Float up, up, and away on this giant wheel and snap postcard-worthy pics of London's iconic landmarks below. Want to kick it up a notch? Take a selfie with the whole city in the background. New profile pic? We think so.

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