The Top Reasons to Visit the Caribbean

By Bridget Castner

The Caribbean Islands are a melting pot of incredible sights, exciting activities, and endless places to enjoy your paradise escape! Read on for some of the top reasons to visit the Caribbean Islands.

Relaxing Beaches and Nature

White sandy beaches, clear pristine waters, and lush forests cover the Caribbean Islands, and many of the islands have a bunch of exploration endeavors. You can jump in the water for some snorkeling and swimming with dolphins, or opt for a relaxing sail instead. If you want an extra interesting beach in the Caribbean, visit Pig Beach in the Bahamas, where you can swim with the pigs! Cayman Islands is home to the famous 7 Mile Beach where you can ride along the shore on horseback. With its diversity of ecosystems, the Caribbean is filled with National Parks, beaches, and forests for explorers to discover!

Food, Glorious Food!

Food is a must no matter what area of the Caribbean you’re in! Delicious flavors and invigorating smells surround you wherever you go. Fresh Conch Ceviche can be found on many of the Caribbean Islands, as well as the fan-favorite fruit: Pineapple. When you travel to the Caribbean, make sure to try Pineapple Chow, which is made with chunky pineapple, pineapple juice, chopped garlic and tons of fresh cilantro. Other savory Caribbean dishes to try when visiting the islands include Mofongo, Spiced Plantains, Flying Fish, and Jerk Chicken (or Jerk anything).

The Caribbean Weather

With the temperature ranging in the 70s and 80s Fahrenheit all year-round, the Caribbean is a paradise getaway for travelers any time of the year. Almost every day is clear and sunny, though there is one (or two) bad storms a year. Still, the Caribbean is one of the best winter destinations as it provides a warming escape from the cold.

Delicious, Refreshing Drinks

Whether you’re craving something fun and fruity, or something a little more mellow, you’re bound to find a drink you like in the Caribbean Islands. If you're in Cuba, try its nation drink: a mojito! In Bermuda? Get a Rum Swizzle, a cocktail of Gosling’s Black Seal Rum, pineapple, and orange juice. If you’re in Aruba, order an Aruba Ariba – a delicious combination of rum, vodka, pineapple, cranberry, orange juice, creme de banana, and coecoei liquor.

Dance the Day and Night Away

Do you love to dance and let go of your worries for a while, or instead have two left feet and want to learn how to feel the rhythm better? Either way, the Caribbean is a great place to learn some new moves! It’s not hard to find a dance class in the Caribbean since most resorts offer them to their guests, and some even have their own night clubs on-site!

Connect With Culture

With over 700 islands, the Caribbean is overflowing with all sorts of flavors, activities, and places just waiting for you to soak up all the unique cultures! There are so many historical sites and ancient buildings to see, different music to discover, culinary experiences to savor, and colorful year-round festivals to enjoy.

Wherever you choose to travel in the Caribbean, you're sure to find paradise!


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