Fun Things to Do in Santorini

By Rachael Funk

What isn’t there to do in Santorini? This beautiful island is full of places to explore, food to eat, and people to meet.

Whether you're traveling there for the first time or the hundredth time, it’s a safe bet you’ll be able to find something novel to do with your time. Here are a few fun things to do in Santorini to enjoy on your next trip to Greece!

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Experience Sea Kayaking

Fortune favors the brave! Hop into a kayak and paddle your way around the southern tip of the island. Not only can you take in the gorgeous beaches and island from the sea, you might even spot a dolphin or two!

Go cliff diving

If you’re a thrill seeker and feel comfortable launching yourself into the sea from high up, head over to Amoudi Bay. You’ll have to climb a few stairs (it is Santorini, after all) and the hidden bay can be easy to miss, but once you get there, you’ll be able to enjoy one of the best swimming spots on the island.

Hop into a hot spring

Take an afternoon to explore Nea Kameni, where you can walk on an active volcano and bathe in hot springs. The warm, dark waters here are known for their therapeutic benefits. Be sure to bring good walking shoes!

Enjoy a drink and live music at Demilmar

Open year-round and offering incredible views, you can find this restaurant on Perissa beach. Kick back with a coffee or a cocktail, take in the live music, the sea, and the ambiance.

Take a water taxi to the beach

A way more exciting option than walking, you can literally hop on and off the water taxis that begin service at Akrotiri beach. You pay when you get on and it shuttles you around to Black Beach, Red Beach, and White Beach. Only grab one of these water taxis if you’re a strong swimmer - once you reach your destination of choice, the only way out is overboard.

Check out an open air cinema

With the excellent weather on Santorini, you’ll want to be outside as much as possible. Make your way to Kamari Village as the sun goes down to settle in for a good movie, good drinks, and all the popcorn you can handle.

Take a hike

The Fira-Oia hike stretches between the two towns and is known as the most scenic hike in Santorini. Depending on how fast you walk and how many stops you make along the way, it can take three or four hours to complete. If you time it right, you can arrive in Oia just in time to catch one of their famous sunsets!

Crack open a Donkey Beer

All over the island, you’ll be able to find a Santorini Brewing Company classic: Donkey beer. With a selection of three to choose from, yellow donkey, red donkey, and crazy donkey, you’ll be rich with options for this locally brewed beer. Don't actually give a donkey any beer though - they're embarrasing when they're drunk.

Visit Ancient Thera

You can’t visit Santorini without spending time exploring some of its world-famous archaeology sites! Ancient Thera is between Kamari and Perissa, on top of Mesa Vouna. Home to ruins from the Hellenistic, Roman, and Byzantine eras, there’s something captivating here for every history buff. Not only will you be able to walk the same paths as Alexander the Great, you’ll get to see some of the most stunning views of the Aegean Sea.


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