Top Destinations in Spain

By Michelle Yastremsky

So you want to travel to Spain – where do you start? From cities of whimsy to postcard-worthy coastlines, there are no shortage of things to see and experience. Here are the 8 top Spain destinations – which will you travel to first?

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There’s no city in the world quite like Barcelona. Psychedelic architects throughout the ages have left their mark on this whimsical city, but none quite as famous as Antoni Gaudi. Visit the one-of-a-kind buildings, grab a bite at the famous La Boqueria market, and get lost in the beauty of the Gothic Quarter.


This list wouldn’t be complete without a callout to the capital! Elegant boulevards, historic plaza, and world-famous museums, and there’s no forgetting the famous culinary staple sure to cure your hunger: Jamon Iberico, Madrid’s famous cured meat. Read the best 15 free free things to do in Madrid.

Costa Brava

At the edge of Spain’s Catalonia district hugging the shore is the Costa Brava, a coastal region made up of charming seaside towns, a picturesque countryside, and even a stone village or two. Rent a car, drive along the dramatic coast, and discover amazing highlights along the way.


The Andalusian region of Spain is like no other, and is defined by its diverse rulers throughout the years. Unpeel the historical layers – from Roman to Moorish to Christian – as you make your way from plaza to plaza, and square to square. And if there’s one place you absolutely must visit in Andalusia, it’s the region’s capital, which brings us to..


The capital of Spain’s Andalusia region is a force to be reckoned with. Breathtaking plazas, lush orange trees, and charming streets sprinkled with architectural wonders make up this gem of Andalusia. Seville is also the rumored birthplace of Flamenco, and guests can get join the action at one of city’s many flamenco social clubs.


Another gem of Andalusia, Granada’s skyline is dominated by one of Spain’s most famous landmarks: the Alhambra. Feel the Moorish influence on every street in this compact city, and don’t forget to explore the Sacromonte Caves, home to the city’s Gypsy cave community.

La Rioja Wine Region

Spanish wine is mighty fine! Explore the country’s lush wine region at La Rioja, boasting over 500 wineries among its vast area. While locals know about the beauty and appeal of this famous wine-producing region, it is still left undiscovered by most tourists – a perfect destination to escape the crowds.


Though perhaps an off-the-beaten-path journey, following the road to Spain’s mountaintop city Ronda will not disappoint. This small yet stunning city is home to Spain’s largest bullring, and provides breathtaking views of the gorge below.

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