Travel to Amsterdam, Netherlands

Travel to Amsterdam in The Netherlands and explore the canals on boats and bicycles!

Amsterdam, Netherlands

For centuries, travelers to The Netherlands have entered the canals of Amsterdam and Rotterdam ports seeking fortunes as shipping merchants and traders. The charm of these waterways throughout The Netherlands today attracts millions of visitors each year.

Cycle around the streets of Amsterdam

Enjoy the beautiful canal views on a bike

Most travelers to The Netherlands are amazed by Amsterdam, the capital city where endless canals connected by small stone bridges create a fairytale atmosphere, especially when the evening lights from buildings reflect on the waterways. Renting bicycles and riding along the canals in the clearly marked bike paths ensures Amsterdam is the perfect exercise workout in a safe environment. Cycling Tip: bicycle paths around Amsterdam allow very easy and pleasant conditions for cycling. Car travel is restricted in Amsterdam city due to bicycles.

Learn about Amsterdam's history

Visit the famous Van Gogh Museum

Criss-crossing Amsterdam on foot or bike ensures you’ll see this city up close. Riding bikes to the Van Gogh Museum or visiting the house and secret attic where Anne Frank and family hid during World War II is really easy to do. Everything in Amsterdam is within 1 hour walk or bike ride from most hotels. You’ll feel the simplicity of Europe and enjoy Amsterdam’s rustic beauty which hasn’t changed for hundreds of years. The colorful purple, green, yellow and orange tulips around the city are simply gorgeous.

Cruise along Canals

Being able to bike to parks with beautiful tulips, Europe’s finest museums, and cafes along the canals offering wonderful food, you can truly enjoy traveling to Amsterdam at affordable costs. At every corner, you can sit down and enjoy a choice of European cuisine while watching small boats traveling along the canals. It’s a serene experience and one which you’ll remember for many years to come. The Dutch people are very friendly and always smiling. With only 17 million population of the Netherlands, they are welcoming and English is spoken in most areas.

Enjoy your travels to Amsterdam and cycling or walking along the picturesque canals.

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