Travel to Barcelona in Spain

Travel to Barcelona in Spain for Gaudi's brilliant architecture, colorful fashion and glorious Spanish food.

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Barcelona in Spain

Millions travel to Spain each year to visit art galleries, enjoy the architecture, eat tapas, and experience a full cultural immersion in the delights of this diverse country. Most notably, Barcelona is home to Antoni GaudĂ­'s famous modernist architecture. These iconic, wave-like building facades are best viewed when walking along the Barcelona avenues. After walking through La Rambla, the main tree-lined street in Barcelona, you can stop off at many of the city's tapas bars and enjoy mouth watering octopus, freshly cured meats, and spicy peppers, mushrooms, and tomato tapas - all while watching the world pass by in this most cosmopolitan Spanish city.

Colorful Sculptures and Art Galleries

Visit Miro, Picasso and Dali Museums

Barcelona is also home to the Spanish surrealist painter, FundaciĂł Joan MirĂł. One of the largest museums in the world houses over 225 paintings and 150 sculptures by the famous Spanish artist here. For Picasso and Salvador Dali fans, Barcelona was where both lived and worked for many years. The Museu Picasso has a collection from Picasso's formative years and is a must-visit while traveling in Barcelona. Less than 1 mile from Museu Picasso, the Waterside Catalan history museum provides a wonderful history of the Spain over the past 2 millenniums.

Walk through friendly streets of Barcelona

Enjoy the charming Gothic Quarter and famous landmarks

Travelers to Barcelona immerse themselves by walking through the streets of the Gothic Quarter. The Barcelona Cathedral, Church of Saint Miquel, and Basilica of La Mercè are landmarks which architecture enthusiasts admire greatly. Walking through the Old Town of Barcelona transports you back in time to the 18th century. At the end of La Rambla, you will come to the Old Port of Barcelona where you'll gaze up at the impressive Mirador de Colom, a giant statute of Christopher Columbus.

Eat Traditional Spanish Dishes

Before sitting down to a delicious, traditional seafood Paella in one of the harborside restaurants, you can visit the Barcelona Aquarium with the kids! The Spanish explorers sailed much of the world and their maritime history is fascinating.
It is the people of Barcelona which make this city such an enjoyable trip. Friendly, warm, and always at ease, the Spaniards are welcoming and gracious. Adjust yourself to the pace of Spanish life and enjoy the hospitality and service of the proud Barcelonians.

Where to Travel from Barcelona?

Girona, located 60 miles north east of Barcelona, is a wonderful day trip to experience the Catalan culture and Gothic architecture. If you are traveling south on a road trip to Seville to experience the Moorish regions, Valencia is an amazing seaside town to explore.

Read our Travel Editors insights and advice before traveling to Spain.

Enjoy your travels to Barcelona in Spain and friendly welcome of Spanish people.

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